We’ve Got Updates and Progress! Episode #77

Welcome back hobbyists and crafters! Today we update you on some of our current projects and the process we are making on a lot of our quilts and stitching.

My dad has made MAJOR progress with his Frank wall hanging. This is the second one after he ran into some issues with the first.

Mom’s failure is fertilizer quilt top is done and she’s using the smaller one to practice her free motion quilting. This weekend she’s picking up some backing fabric to finish this quilt for my sister in law.

Dori pulled out her Cat in the Garden appliqué project and wanted to get it finished except some important numbers are missing for the borders!

But we have a few resources we can use to get the measurements for the borders.

Her new stitching project is really coming along and she’s enjoying the process!

I’ve got a bunch of blocks done for my Puzzle Box quilt and it’s piecing together nicely.

And I’ve attached the binding to the friendship quilt so I’m nearing the end of this two year project!!

It went on smoothly to the back and I plan to hand bind the rest! Almost done!

And I got the good word that I’m in class with Libs Elliott to make her Watcher Skull quilt at QuiltCon 2018!!!

Now we’re just waiting and hoping that another spot opens up for my mom!

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8 thoughts on “We’ve Got Updates and Progress! Episode #77

  1. Hi Katie,
    Wow, lots of news and projects to share. You are SO close to a finish on that friendship quilt – that will be done before you know it or even now! Your Dad’s Frank quilt is really cute. I hope a spot does open up for your Mom – it’s nice to quilt together. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hey gals – I’m just catching up on podcasts now. I just startedd listening and had to reply asap. Katie – I want you to know when I was your son’s age, I broke off half of my front tooth!! I thought it would be a good idea to go down a hill on my tummy on a skateboard. I found out that was NOT a good idea. I hit a small rock with the wheel which sent me forward without the skateboard. I did a huge face plant, scraped up my face pretty bad and broke the adult tooth. I’ve only had to get it repaired once since then, but tell your son that we can be the toothless twins!!! Best of luck that you guys were able to get it fixed ok!! And life goes on, even with a fake tooth. 😉

    • Thanks Christa! So far, so good! I think we’re now out of the “danger zone” where it would have show discoloration had the tooth died. He’s complained of no issues so I think we’re good!!

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