Frankie Baby!

To say that my husband is proud of his very first fully completed quilting project is an understatement!  From start to finish, he did everything…choosing the pattern, the fabrics, the hand embroidery, the appliqué process, the quilting, the binding and sewing on the buttons.  ALL OF IT!  And I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not only adorable but it’s also fabulously executed!

This is the pattern that Reg chose.  Isn’t that button pack cute!?


Using the light box he made for me, Reg traced all the appliqué shapes carefully on Wonder-Under, which I had on hand.  There were soooo many pieces lol!  Then he fused the pieces to well chosen fabrics that he felt Frank would be stylin’ in.


Choosing a light green fabric for Frank’s skin tone, was a no-brainer.  Reg insisted Frank’s pallor was important!


Here’s where Reg’s vision really came into play.  He wasn’t satisfied with the pattern’s suggestion for a background.  So, while on the So. Cal. Quilters Run, we kept a look out for some sort of Halloween fabric that would suffice.  We found a beautiful panel that made all the difference, and helped Frank to look like he was almost three dimensional.


Though Reg has needlepoint experience, he’d never done embroidery before.  He chose to do a simple backstitch with black embroidery thread.  He even learned how to bury threads between the layers!


Reg has always been a bit wary of my sewing machine.  But, determined to do this all on his own, he allowed me to teach him how to use a buttonhole stitch to anchor the raw edged appliqué pieces.  He first tweaked the stitch a bit to his liking, then setting the speed to low, patiently stitched every curve and difficult point.  Then he switched gears and quilted around the tree branches and the haunted house.


He’s definitely a “go big or go home” kinda guy.  When stitching the handle on Frank’s treat bag, he chose this bright silk ribbon.  Now…have you noticed something different about this and the last photo?  The fussy cut spider treat bag is different, yes?  Welllll….that’s because Reg wasn’t happy with the first go at Frank.  So he made a completely NEW one!  There were a couple of things that he did differently, but he’s much happier with how the second wallhanging came out.


Ta Da!  And here he is, all ready to go trick-or-treating!

That FACE!!!

The bag is perfect!

I’m not a natural teacher.  Trying to translate skills that I’ve practiced for more than forty-five years was daunting for me.  I take them for granted, and with Reg being a complete beginner, I needed to remember to include the absolute basics.  He patiently listened and learned quickly.  At times, he even questioned my methods! Being quite open minded and the type who thinks outside the box, he often implemented his own ideas on how he wanted to proceed.  Trust me, I had to let go of my pride and ego to allow him to experiment and do his own thing!

Are you gearing up for the Halloween season?  How so?  Do you create and add to your collection every year?

We’d love to hear!


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18 thoughts on “Frankie Baby!

  1. Way to go Reg! Superb job! You are a natural! I love the way men do things differently. We may question, but the job gets done.


  2. Hi Dori,
    Reg did a fabulous job! His attention to detail is fabulous, and I think he second choice on the bag was an improvement. I love his choice for the applique/blanket stitch, and his fabric choices are spot on. I want to know what his next project is going to be? He cannot stop now – he has natural ability and a great eye. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Helloooo Rosanne!
      Thank you soooo much! I can’t wait to share your comment with Reg! 😘
      Right now he and I are working on the Beatles quilt he designed. He cut out the dashing and borders, and he’s asked me to do the sewing lol!
      And I agree with you…he is definitely a natural!

    • Thank you Lorinda! I’m so proud of him! Asking question and coming up with creative solutions, also helped me to understand how excited he was, and how he wanted to understand on a deep level. ::happydance::!!!

  3. Wow! My husband is supportive and interested in my quilting, but has never expressed an interest in making one! Quite an impressive first finish! As for Hallowe’en projects, I don’t have a lot. Just a mini quilt I hang in my classroom and some Halloween print pennants also for the classroom. I dream of making a Halloween quilt one day… but have never gotten to it. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

    • Hi Jenn!
      Isn’t it nice to have supportive hubbies? I love it!
      Thank you so much! I’m as impressed as you are, trust me!😄
      Do you have pictures of Halloween the mini quilt by any chance? I’d love to see how you decorate your classroom!
      Dori 🤗

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  5. What an ambitious and wonderful 1st project!!! It turned out great!…I love listing to your Podcast…I love hearing a Mother and Daughter sharing a passion and it is so cool that Dad is sharing the fun too!!!

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