Top 5 Hobbies Up To Here Posts of 2017

It’s been a rather quiet year here at Hobbies Up To Here. We’ve not quilted or crafted nearly as much as we’d have liked but so many other great things have happened: two new munchkins have joined the family, my brother got married, and many other great happenings blessed us.
Even if the blog has been quieter and our podcast episodes aren’t as frequent, we still love to join Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs to celebrate the top posts of the year! You can go back and check out 2015 and 2016 to see what our past top posts have been.
Alright, lets jump in and see what our top posts have been this year!
#5 Post With The Most Comments
My dad’s first attempt at a completed, quilted, and appliquéd project received the most comments in the 2017 year with 17 comments. I believe it was his enthusiasm and pride in the work he did that garnered so much positive attention!
#4 Post With The Most Likes
Both of these posts received 8 likes each bringing them both in at #4 on our list.
#3 Highest Viewed Podcast Episode
And it looks like our episode all about hacks to make crafting easier gets another top spot! With 326 views, this podcast episode takes it’s second place on our list.
#2 Jake’s Top Viewed Post
Each year I share at least one or two blog posts about Jake and his sewing attempts. Last year his Darth Vader finish took the top spot as the most viewed post of 2016. This year I decided to dedicate the #2 spot to his most viewed/liked post. And this year it is his finished block post with 624 views!
#1 Highest Viewed Post of 2017
Congrats to my mom for taking the top spot (AGAIN!) with a beautifully finished quilt!! Ironically enough, the first year she won this spot was with a quilt she gifted to my brother in 2015. This year she takes the top spot with yet another gifted quilt, my sister’s curved log cabin. That post clocked in with 836 views, our highest yet!!!
It’s a gorgeous quilt so definitely take a moment to check out that post and read all about it. Or just check out this adorable picture of my nephew Logan sitting on it! Ah forget it, I mean, who can concentrate on that quilt when there is such an precious little man sitting on it!!
From all of us at Hobbies Up To Here, we hope you’ve had a marvelous holiday season and that your new year starts of wonderfully!! Here’s to 2018!!!

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