Jacob’s Super Block

I recently finished the top to Jake’s Marvel Quilt. All 48 blocks are done!

My son is thrilled to have this top down and to be that much closer to having his very own full sized quilt done.

As I shared this WIP, I had a lot of friends and fellow quilters ask me where I got the pattern for this block. Well, I didn’t use a pattern! Instead I pieced the block on my own to get a certain look.

I wanted the block to be framed with opposing colors alternating around the block. I made sure to fussy cut the centers so that each character would be framed nicely by the sashing.

As I continued to share my blocks, I kept getting questions about it’s construction so I decided to sit down, give it a name (Jacob’s Super Block) and lay out the steps to creating one.

To make a Super Block, you’ll need  three fabrics: your center fabric to display, one light fabric and one dark. Your light and dark fabrics can be solid or just fabrics with opposing patterns to contrast against each other.

For your center fabric, cut it to the size you want. For these Super Blocks, the center block is 6.5 inches.

Your sashing strips should be 1.5 inches wide and as along as you want. I folded my fabric and cut from end to end so I had nice long strips to work with.

To make your block, you start with your lighter fabric on the left side of your block and (1) attach to the left side then trim. Then (2) attach the same light fabric to the top of the block then trim. After each sashing, trim the excess off and square up your block.

The next step is to (3) attach the opposing dark fabric to the right side of the block, including the edges now made by the attached light fabric. Trim. Then (4) attach another strip of the dark fabric along the bottom and trim. At this point you’ll have a border framing your center block, one corner will be light and the opposite corner will be dark.

Now to continue, you swap colors. Light will go in the opposite corner and the dark fabric will go in the opposite corner. Attach (5) a light strip of fabric along the dark sashing on the right then trim. Then attach (6) another light strip along the bottom and trim.

To finish, attach (7) a dark strip along the top and trim. Finally, (8) attach the last dark strip along the left side and trim. Square up your block and press.

If you are like me and need a good visual to see how it’s done, check out my video tutorial from my Youtube channel showing how to make this block.

And if you give it a try, share your block on Instagram and tag with with the hashtag #huthsuperblock and #hobbiesuptohere.

We can’t wait to see your version of this fun block!

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