QuiltCon 2018 Episode #87

Welcome to our QuiltCon 2018 episode! We had a fabulous weekend in Pasadena meeting up with our quilty friends and making new ones, too! Check out our Instagram page for all the pictures fro the weekend. There are a lot!!

And click the link here to read Dori’s post over at Fierce Beyond 50 about discovering her creativity, twice!

Make sure to check out our friends below and all the wonderfully crafty things they are up to!

Lorinda Davis Laurel Poppy and Pine
Kitty Wilkin Night Quilter
Sarah Goer Sarah Goer Quilts
Cheryl Brickey Meadow Mist Designs
Sara Nunes Berry Barn Designs
Michelle Bartholomew Michelle Bartholomew
Paige Alexander Quilted Blooms
Christa Watson Christa Quilts
Jamie Mueller and Jill Rimes Sunflower Quilts
Giuseppe Ribaudo @giucy_giuce
Mary Fons Mary Fons
Libs Elliott Libs Elliott
Carolina Moore 30 Minute Crafts
Daisy Aschehoug @warmfolk
Sue Miller Fabric Garden
Leah Kabaker No Idle Hands Here

I hope I haven’t missed anyone. We met SO many people and had such a good time that the whole weekend blurs together in a beautiful blend of fabrics, colors, and friends 🙂

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3 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2018 Episode #87

  1. I really enjoyed this episode, and meeting you two, finally!! I was really out of it that weekend, due to some major family stress (my mom, issues Dori can relate to), and I ended up not taking a single picture with any of the many friends, quilting, and podcast rock stars I was able to meet. It was a pleasure to meet you both, and I hope we run into each other again! Thanks for putting together such a nice podcast.

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