Sharing Our Favorites Episode #90


We’re still in celebration mode! It’s our 3rd anniversary and we’re partyin’ like we don’t have to get up the next day! And this episode is a list of some of our current favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, and books.

Here is a list of our favorite things right now. Check them out and share with us YOUR favorites!

Sewing: Podcasts
Sewing Out Loud – Mallory and Zede
Love To Sew – Helen and Caroline
Sewing: Books
Fit For Real People – Pati Palmer

Quilting: Podcasts
Off Kilter Quilt – Francis O’Roake Dowell
My Creative Corner 3 –┬áVicki Holloway
Lazy Daisy Quilts – Daisy Fredricks
Quilting: Books
It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book – Mary Ellen Hopkins
Quilting Made Vintage – Jera Brandvig
Christa Watson Quilting Books – Christa Watson
Quilting: YouTube Channels
Midnight Quilting Show – Angela Walters
Missouri Star Quilt Co – Jenny Doan
Fat Quarter Shop – Kimberly Jolly
The Quilt Codex – Zarkadia

Knitting: Podcasts
Craftish – Vickie Howell
Curious Handmade – Helen Stewart
Knitting: Books
Stitch ‘n Bitch – Debbie Stoller
Cables Untangles – Melissa Leapman
New Knits On The Block – Vickie Howell
Knitting: YouTube
Legacy Knitz – Chelsea and Sue
A Makers Pilgrimage – Aidan

Stitching: YouTube
Twisted Stitcher – Vonna Pfeiffer
Stitching: Podcast
Fiber Talk – Gary Par and Christine Williams

Katie’s Random Sh*t: Books
Love Her Wild – Atticus
Katie’s Random Sh*t: YouTube
GlamlifeGuru – Tati Westbrook
Rachhloves – Rachel Cooper
BeautyBroadcast – Emily Noel
Katie’s Random Sh*t: Podcasts
LeVar Burton Reads – LeVar Burton
Lore – Aaron Mahnke
Tales – Vanessa Richardson
Haunted Places – Greg Polcyn


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