What’s New, Hobbyists? Episode #97

It’s official! We can begin to celebrate the holidays!
And a hobbyists, we celebrate the holidays with new projects. Whether for gifts or for fun, we’re always up for a new adventure!

Untitled design.jpg

Show Notes
Crafty Gemini Tips for Sewing Clear Vinyl 
Calico Project Bag Tutorial
G and Sheri and their Wombmate Creations
Frances O’Roark Dowell and her Friendship Album 1933 Quilt Fiction 
Marie Boswick’s The Second Sister is going to be a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie
Piecemakers Craft Festival is happening December 1st in Costa Mesa, CA

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4 thoughts on “What’s New, Hobbyists? Episode #97

  1. Discovered Hobbies Up to Here a few weeks ago and have now listened from beginning to this current episode. Katie and Dori you are both deliously human podcast companions.

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