DIY Glass Bulb Ornamnets

Something is in the air this holiday season and it’s not just the flu bug (cough, cough sniff, sniff).

Dori has been crafting away and making a lot of her own Christmas decorations this year. She’s even gone so far as to repurpose some of her holiday items in new and exciting ways. Along with her usual decorations, she’s added some bulbs that have been personalized.

Taking clear glass bulbs and filling with a pearlized paint began the process. Her goal was to make a little snowman for the tree with a sock cap on top!

It all started out wonderfully, filling the bulb and even painting a face on the little snowman.

We mixed and played with paints to get the right color orange for his cute little nose.

So far so good!

There goes the nose!

Adorable, no?

What we didn’t take into consideration is that the paint would need to rest so that it would dry completely and stick to the inside of the globe. Once we hung him up, looking dapper and adorable, we noticed some streaks inside the bulb forming.

Now a week later and this little guy is clear again with a puddle of paint at the bottom. Oops! Well, we’ve learned what NOT to do and hopefully our next attempt will work out better. We’ll let the bulb dry upside down, draining the excess paint and waiting to add the detail until it is completely dry inside so that we won’t lose the painted coat inside.

The next DIY bulb ornament  project involved my son. He got to make his own bulb for the tree. It’s filled with little fuzzy balls and bells all in the holiday colors.

While he watched football with Papa he stuffed the fuzz balls into his bulb and later added some bells. The colors and types were all his own decision so this ornament is very personal to him.

Then we added some ribbon  and closed it up. It’s now ready to be personalized.

My mom is great at adding well printed and decorative writing to round ornaments. She did this for family and friends and even as a job during the holidays when we were younger. I hope to soon sit down with her and create a tutorial for anyone interested in seeing more on her techniques and tips.

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