Short On The Borders

At the beginning of this year, my mom and I agreed that 2017 should be the year of finishes. We had enough projects going to last us a lifetime and we needed to get some of that work done!

Well I’ve sorta lived up to my word. I did finish my husband’s quilt not too long ago and he now sleeps wrapped up in it on warmed nights.

My son’s quilt still languishes due to having run out of his border colors. I’ll need to finally bite the bullet and just purchase more so I can get that one done, too!

But last summer I started a quilt with this adorable flannel fabric I found at JoAnns. Originally, I got it for a friend’s baby boy but he has since grown beyond such a young pattern. Then I was blessed with two nephews, one whose room is adorably grey and light colored, similar to this fabric. Plus, he’s got an animal theme going so it’s perfect for him.

Well, this project has made it’s way out of my drawers and I’ve finished the top. It’s small and simple, just right for a little guy who needs some extra snuggles on chilly fall nights.

It’s adorable and fuzzy soft. I’m considering some minky for the backing to make it even softer.

But I have a small conundrum. There is a border the lines only two sides of this top. It is the slimmer pieces that surround the larger squares. I’m all out of fabric from this kit (except for some random end pieces) so I have a few paths I can take to even this out.

  1. I could just leave it be with that slim border only on two sides.
  2. Or I could remove both sides and leave the outer edge border free.
  3. Or, and this one is probably the most work, I could trim down the borders and then attach it to the barren sides. But my cutting and measuring would have to be pretty precise if I don’t want to screw it up.

So, quilters, what should I do?? Should I go with plan 1, 2, or 3? Or maybe there is another plan I haven’t considered. I do have to get fabric for Jake’s superhero quilt so I could just see if JoAnns has any more of this kit lying around. This would mean I have 4 options!

Decisions, decisions!!!

Quilter’s Confession: Most Disliked! Episode #74

Get ready for a laugh-fest, hobbyists and crafters!
Because this episode is a real doozy!

And you can’t say we didn’t warn ya!!

We have some great shows and podcasts to share with you. These are the things we are listening to and watching while we craft away!

We may not be quilting much these days but it’s still a favorite hobby of ours. Sharing our concerns or frustrations together can really help us know our intentions and also where we need to work a little harder on our interests. That’s what friendship and quilting buddies are for!

Problems With Patterns Episode #62

We all know that feeling. Reading a pattern and it’s going along fine until you hit a snag. Suddenly, it’s like the instructions are written in a different language, one you don’t understand.

Well, we asked our fellow quilter’s and listeners what their go-to solutions were when facing a problem with a pattern and today we share those thoughts and comments! So tune in and maybe you’ll learn something new along with us!


And to celebrate our friends all going to Quilt Con this week, there is a Quilt Non 2017 Instagram hop happening. Last year we had the chance to go to our first Quilt Con and it was amazing!!! So even though we aren’t there in body, we are there in spirit.

Happy Birthday to G and Sherri, some of our wonderful quilty friends we met at Quilt Con last year.

If you want to see any of the original comments from our friends and followers about the topic today, feel free to check out our Instagram feed and our Facebook page with the links below.

And if you are interested in a very details tutorial on binding your finished quilt, check out the Fat Quarter Shop video below that Dori really got a lot out of!

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #42

Episode 42!
42… The Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
A good number!


Christa Watson at Christa Quilts shared on her Instagram account that she likes to batch her process. Make a bunch of tops, then baste them all at the same time, and after move on to quilting.


This sparked a conversation between Dori and I about what our preferred process is. And we decided to include our friends and followers in this conversation through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We got a lot of great info and we highly recommend that you head over to our pages to see what’s been happening.

Jenny on our Facebook page shared Bonnie Hunter’s leaders and enders process. This was new to both of us and we greatly appreciate the suggestion from our followers to check it out!

And Lorinda from Laurel Poppy and Pine shared that she has multiple projects in process at different states so she really just goes with the flow and works on what makes her happy.

I agreed with this process and called it, lovingly, ADD quilting!

Quilt & Coffee Chat

For our quilt and coffee chat portion of this post, we’d like to shout out to a few local quilters we hope to see around the So Cal Quilter’s Run starting next week!

Check out Zina over at Zanymouse Creations on Etsy. If you are like me and really into geek/pop culture she has a great shop full of fun items! And we hope to meet her on the run!

And we hope to see Melanie from Thousand Needles somewhere along the way, too. We’ve been lucky to run into her at Road to California and QuiltCon and it would be great to see her too!

Don’t forget to check out Laurel Poppy and Pine later today. Lorinda is hosting a giveaway

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #39

Hey hobbyists and crafters! It’s podcast day, once again!


Today’s podcast is full of goodies. We talk about splurging and saving on all of our crafty items. What items or brands are worth paying full price for? And what items are most likely bought on sale?

First we talk about thread choice. Based on our quilter’s question on Instagram, our blog, and our Facebook page most of our friends and followers use Aurifil thread. Thread is one of those things I always went cheap on until I learned the ways of other, more experienced quilters. Now I put time and effort into researching my thread choices.


We both agree that needles are a notion that we save on and we don’t seek out more costly options but we definitely splurge on fabric!

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
What do you splurge on? Where do you save?

Quilt & Coffee Chat

Our coffee and chat shout out goes to Keeping u in Stitches Quilting where they share lots of quilting places and tutorials from around the web. They recently shared our Top 5 Quilter’s Tools video and it helped us reach over 1000 views!

Thanks for sharing our video!

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #34

Hey hobbyist and crafters! Grab your tea, your coffee, or wine (it’s 5pm somewhere!) and sit down for another episode.


Our current works in progress are coming along.

  • Jake and I started his Darth Vader quilt. He did 99% of the sewing and I’m really proud of him!
  • My mom is moving along with her paper piecing class.

  • I finished my first 8 splendid sampler blocks and celebrated with a YouTube vlog!

Our topics today are some doozies!

Have you ever been SO creative, it scared you? Well, I had a moment like that this week when my brain took off on an idea for Alida’s Art with Fabric blog hop.

And my mom had an AH-HA moment this week about making mistakes and the personal feelings that come up when what’s done is “wrong”.

She’s enjoying a new book called Quilting by Hand by Jinny Beyer.


Quilt & Coffee Chat

This week we highlighted a few comments and replies from our fellow crafters and quilter’s.

  • My mom posed the question to everyone whether to machine or hand quilt an already started project.
  • A big big thank you to everyone from Jake and I for all the great comments and support for his quilt project. We are so very appreciative of all the positive feedback we received and I know it means a lot to Jake!

And lastly, we sampled some tea from Plum Deluxe. Thank you to Andy for considering us and our podcast as a place to share your wonderful community and tea products.

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Quilter Question: Hand Piecing or Machine?

About seven years ago, while building her quilting fabric stash, Katie bought an unfinished Bear’s Claw quilt top on eBay.  It came to mind last night as I was falling asleep, because I was thinking about taking some hand piecing on my flight to Ireland next month.  I didn’t know if the finished squares were pieced by hand or machine….I’d have to wait until I woke up in the morning to find out.

I poured my first cup of coffee and pulled out the four bags that held the quilt top pieces in various stages of completion.  There are three completed blocks;  one almost done; lots of half square triangles, sashing and squares; and some triangles that have been traced on squares of fabric, waiting to be cut out.


I immediately picked up the finished squares to see if they had been pieced by hand, or by machine.  Obviously, they had been done by machine.

Here’s my question for you all….if I wanted to tackle this quilt top (with Katie’s permission, of course!), should I continue to piece this quilt by machine?  Or would you switch it up and hand stitch the rest of it?

I realize that even if I use my machine, I run the risk of my blocks looking a bit different simply because I’m not the original quilter.  Would you agree?

Thank you in advance for your advice!


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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #33

It’s that time again, hobbyists and crafters. Time for another edition of Hobbies Up To Here!


This week we have LOTS to share with you.

Firstly, we have a new email addresses! If you have questions, comments, or concerns for either one of us, you can email us directly!


Secondly we’ll be updating our Details tab and adding a Podcast tab for easy access to our podcast episodes!

We’ve had a lot going on lately from sew alongs to finished quilts to fresh starts to quilt shows.


Dori’s paper piecing progress.


It’s coming along!


Last weekend we went to not just one but TWO quilt/crafting shows here in southern California.

  • On Saturday, we took a trip to Pomona for the Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival at the Pomona Fairplex. There was SO MUCH to see there and my dad was in the mind to seek out long arm machines. For research purposes (wink wink).
  • Then on Sunday we went to the Friendship Square Quilt Guild show in La Habra. We saw some beautiful quilts, met lots of wonderful crafters, and even passed out a calling card or two!

Of course it’s hard to go to a show and NOT buy something. Both of us came home with some goodies.

Quilt & Coffee Chat

This week we introduced a new segment called Quilt & Coffee Chat. During this portion of our podcast, we’ll continue the discussion of past episodes, reply to blog comments, and read email from any readers or listeners we’ve received.

This week we shared comments from a few readers who gave us something to chew on and think over.

  • Nonnie from Nonnie Quilting Dreams shared some fascinating background and history on quilting terms, pressing seams, and what different types of quilters are called in the midwest. Check out her comments on Episode #32.
  • Alida  from Tweety Loves Quilting commented on Episode #30 about coding and quilting and the blend between modern and traditional quilts. She’s hosting a pretty  cool blog hop in May called Art with Fabric. Definitely check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to participate in!
  • Kati from Kati’s Quilting and Sewing shared with us her experience of learning quilting and sewing techniques from HGTV and how we just gotta get in there and give ourselves the power of knowledge by learning any terms we need on our own. Her comments are here on Episode #21.
  • I shared an email from Christa Watson that I had received. It had a beautiful picture of her thread stash that I was blown away by. So beautiful and colorful! We often forget to share other stashes we keep for all of our crafts so seeing a thread stash was fun and inspiring.

During our coffee chat, probably after the second cup had kicked in, we shared some of the other podcasts for crafters and quilters all around the web. We’re in great company with SO many awesome podcaster out there. And Nonnie has a pretty comprehensive list of podcasts to check out. She keeps it updated pretty regularly so pop on over, give it a peep, and check out some new podcasts!

And make sure you keeping checking back as I’m expecting a new mystery stash box to arrive in the mail any day now! I’m testing out some of the quilter’s box subscriptions available. So far I’ve received my first Try Me box from Quilter’s Stash Box. Next up is my first Quilty Box and in April I’ll receive a Sew Sampler box from the Fat Quarter Shop. I’m planning a full Youtube review video talking about the pros/cons of each box!

A lot is happening here at Hobbies Up To Here so make sure you’re subscribed to us so that you don’t miss a thing!!

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #11

Welcome back, hobbyists and crafters!
How are you this hot, sticky August day?

My mom and I got together and talked about life and gray hair and quilting.
Join us!!



I’m cranking out and cutting up my fat quarters for my new Friendship quilt. It’s been a long tedious journey cutting and cutting but it’ll be worth it!

But what now? Do I put my blocks together randomly? Or do I go about it in a systematic way? Well, I made a video asking the same question.

What do you think?

IMG_4767And my mom is working quickly through her Pinwheel Twist.


Check out this video if you want to join her and make your own Pinwheel Twist quilt.


Isn’t this cut darling?

We also take off on a personal topic. Dori has decided to cut off her hair! And to allow it to grow out to its natural gray color. Have you done the same?

We talk about the good and bad, pros and cons of allowing your hair to age naturally with you while still keeping your funky, youthful attitude.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

And find us on Twitter and Instagram!
Dori: Twitter and Instagram
Katie: Twitter and Instagram

Hobbies Up To Here Episode #10

Hey crafters, guess what time it is?
It’s podcast time!!!
And this is a special one. We’re celebrating our 10th episode so we have a special request from our readers.

If you are reading this and have listened to our podcast this week, check out the questions below, copy and past them into a blog post on your own page, and then answer them yourself! We want to get to know you! Link back to our page and let’s see how many quilters, crafters, sewers, and hobbyists we can bring together.

So many of our posts focus only on what we create and not who we are as people so we challenge our community to share some small tidbits about yourself with all of us!


Our theme for this episode is LET IT GO!

We talk about those UFOs that lay around. How many do you have? We made the decision that it’s ok to start a new project to keep the creativity flowing and to not stall us. We’ve each got a few projects waiting in the wings to be completed but we’re itchy to move on and start something new.

So I’m not going to kick myself for moving on and instead I’m about to dive into a new kit!


My mom is moving and grooving with her charm packs and layer cakes. I keep getting message from her at ALL HOURS showing me the beautiful creations she’s pumping out.IMG_1451



Now for our celebratory 10 questions for our 10th episode! Feel free to cut and paste these questions into your own post and share on your page. Link back so that anyone else reading can join in!

1. What do you want to accomplish in your life?

2. How do you want people to remember you when you’re gone?

3. What would you do with a million dollars?

4. Where would you go on your dream vacation?

5. If your life were a movie, who would play you?

6. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

7. What is your most embarrassing moment?

8. If you could spend a day with 1 person, living, or dead, who would it be and why?

9. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

10. What is the best gift you were ever given?

When you are all done answering your own, link back here and comment down below to share with other readers your fantastic post.

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