Hobbies Up To Here Episode #35

Hey Hobbyist and Crafters, it’s a special day today! Not only is it our podcast day but it’s our anniversary!!!

Happy 1st year Hobbies Up To Here!!
Check out our first podcast episode for old time’s sake!
Episode One


On today’s podcast we list our top 5 projects that are the most memorable over the last year. It’s never easy to pick your favorite quilt or craft but we made the tough choices and are excited to share them with you!

Katie’s Top Five Favorites

  • My 4th of July table runner was my first quilted project that really came together beautifully. I loved everything about it!


  • Another finished runner, our Halloween runners, came out so different yet so great. We love them both!


  • It seems any time I tried something new, I loved the outcome. My Christmas Dresden hanging came out beautifully and I would love to have it out all year long!


  • The holidays really lit a creative fire and I couldn’t put it out. Along with my quilting projects, another holiday favorite was my Christmas wreath.



Katie’s Honorable Mention

During podcast episode 4, my mom surprised me with a new sewing machine. My Elna, aka Rosy, has become my best friend. I’m so thankful for the gift and so grateful for the opportunity to work with it!


Dori’s Top Five Favorites

  • Dori’s first favorite memory recalls her first finish! Mike’s birthday quilt, the Music Quilt, was a grand undertaking and it came out beautifully!



  • She also did a beautiful Dresden plate for a baby quilt that came out so incredible. It really showed how much she’s grown and how far her quilting has come.


  • She also attempted some “3D sewing” and made a purse for my sister’s birthday. While the pattern was not as clear as she would like, it still looks amazing.


  • And Dori’s last favorite is her current in-progress project, paper piecing. Having gone from not knowing that paper piecing existing to this beautiful outcome is saying a lot about her talent!


Dori’s Honorable Mention

It can be easy to forget where you started but Dori’s honorable mention is just that, her first official finished quilt from this past year. Her first baby quilt was not only her first in decades but her first quilt-as-you-go!

A Last Honorable Mention (Or Two!)

QuiltCon was an amazing experience! Check out my mom’s thoughts on meeting Mary Fons and Jenny Doan, our live podcast episode while we were there, our wrap-up podcast after we returned, and our YouTube video to share our thoughts.

The So Cal Quilter’s Run happens every June and local quilt shops participate in a themed shop-hop that runs two weekends in June. We went last year and had a blast and we plan to go again this year. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out again with our friend Melanie at Thousand Needles and maybe even visit a few shops together!

We have some exciting goals we want to work towards this coming year so make sure to subscribe to us wherever you can and return as often as possible to keep up with all of our crafty endeavors. And THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our listeners. Without you, we’d just be two crazy ladies sitting around, talking about our hobbies!

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WIP: July 4th Table Runner

During the Southern California Quilter’s Run, I picked up a little kit to make a table runner. At first I pretty much thought I was nuts. Not only would I have to follow a pattern to make the blocks in it but I would also have to measure and follow the instructions to make this thing come together.


I hate following directions when it comes to crafts! Mostly because it makes me feel like I’m not free to be creative and that is what I love most about making things, the freedom I feel to create anything I dream up.

So I was tentative to pick this up but it was really cute and I knew someone who would enjoy a 4th of July table runner. In the end the cute colors and the simplicity of the runner called to me so I bought it and set out to make it before the 4th.

My in-laws host a HUGE 4th BBQ every year and I’ve been going for 5 years now so I wanted to surprise them with a little decorative gift for their big parties.

My first two blocks came together super easy but my third one decided to be a pain in the butt. I couldn’t get things to line up and I was working on being as exact as I could be. I measured and pressed and even used some fabric starch made JUST for quilting.

In the end the three came together nicely and it was time to cut the rest of the fabric. 

And then I blew it! I somehow mis-cut my gingham fabric. The pattern called for two large swatches to be placed in between so that there was a block at each end and one in the middle. I swear I was paying attention but cut it about 1/2 an in short making the fabric unusable in that state. So, I improvised.

Or went “rogue” as I told my mom by text message. I left the fabric as it was but instead made smaller swatches at the ends and then made two bigger swatches between the blocks.

I think it came out handsomely!   
Picking the backing fabric was tougher than expected and I went back and forth over what to use. The border fabric, while adorable, turned out to be my black sheep fabric. It stuck out and made matching anything to it super rough.

So I went with a white fabric dotted with blue and red stars. It fits in and was only the back so the top and back won’t be seen together regularly.

Then came the quilting!!! DUH DUH DUUUUNNNNNN!!!

I’ve been waiting for a project to finish for awhile now so I could jump in and so my first free-motion project. I picked a multicolored thread that had a red/white/blue theme to it and set to make a swirly pattern just for simplicity.

I took off with confidence and quickly found it to be HARDER than I expected. I had practiced on smaller pieces and was able to make a systematic swirl I was happy with but suddenly, with knowing this would be given as a gift, my nerves got the better of me and I realized I need more practice!

In the end the product I came out with was satisfactory. My stitches are nearly uniform enough but good enough to give the overall appearance of  something made with love.

For my first attempt I’d say this is pretty decent!!!

Now to bind! I haven’t decided how I want to do this, whether entirely by machine or by both machine/hand. With three days left I can do either, especially with my son being gone and having some time to myself.

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
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