Life Without A Project

I am currently project free.

Not completely but let me explain. I have quilts I can make, projects I can work on. But, at this present time, all my projects are mine. Things for me or for my son.

Nothing for anyone else.

And because of this freedom, we’ve been exploring new things. Exciting things while my quilting corner collects dust.

My son is in karate and loving it. He requests to go at least 3 times a week if not more.

I’m getting back into my long dead workout routine. It’s nice to get sweaty and have fun all at the same time.

The sunshine is lasting longer and the nights are warmer so we’re finding ourselves out and about more often than not. Disneyland calls as does The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

We’re expanding our adventure palate and getting cultured, yo.

And I find that when I get home from our new experiences, I’m far too tired and in need of some good sleep to turn on my machine. So as of late, I’ve been choosing to keep my quilting interests on the side.

But soon things will balance out and I’ll be back to quilting again. This break from the requirements of deadlines and needing to finish what I’ve started is just what I needed in this moment.

And I look forward to getting back to my machine and into my fabric stash once again.