TGIFF: Noodle’s Baby Quilt!

Not too long ago I finished a small baby quilt for my nephew, Noodle. No, he’s not actually named Noodle but that’s pretty much what I call him 100% of the time! It was a cute little nickname that stuck and now he is forever my Noodle!

He turned 1 in February and I had a baby quilt already started that I thought would be perfect for him. It’s original owner had already outgrown this fabric and when Noodle came around in 2017 I knew it would be perfect for him. Not only is is small enough for him to carry with him but it matches his nursery room color scheme and it’s made of soft minky that he can snuggle with.

It was pretty much done when I decided to gift it to him. All I had to do was quilt it down and bind it. I made the choice to use minky as my backing fabric even though I had never worked with it. I had heard so much about minky being a difficult fabric to work with that I was a bit gun shy so it sat in a corner for quite some time. Then I received Noodle’s birthday invitation and that meant I needed to get over my fears and concerns and just finish it!

So I chose a simple wavy line/meander for the quilting. I did one set in a light grey and then went back over it with a darker grey. The quilting kind of reminds me of flames with the way the tips of the quilting came to a stopping point before I turned it back around to quilt to the other side.

Because I quilted with the minky against the machine, it sailed smoothly under my free motion foot and I found it super easy to just go. It does make quite the mess but in the end, the outcome was worth all the fuzz I endured! I also made it my goal to stop as little as I could manage so that I had less stitches to bury.

Ignoring the laundry I so badly needed to finish (real life photo right there), I decided to hand bind the quilt with more minky. Boy was it bulky! But the overall look was worth every curse word uttered while binding it.

And here it is! The comfy, cozy, fuzzy baby quilt for my little Noodle!

It’s not perfect but I wasn’t aiming for perfect. I just wanted something adorable and cozy for him to drag along behind him through his baby years.

The quilting is simple yet really attractive against the different patterns in the fabric. The polka dotted squares blend well with the bumps in the minky.

It’s warm and soft, perfect for a little guy who likes to explore and touch things, curious about how things feel.

I made 9 patch blocks and then cut into them and matched them up before putting them back together. I actually posed a question to other quilters about what I should do for the borders. It was overwhelmingly expressed that I could leave it just as it is, all unsymmetrical. It wasn’t easy; I may not be a pattern follower but I love a good symmetry to my quilts. In the end, the suggestions were heard and I left it as it was, all unbalanced.

And even though it was a pain to bind with minky due to the extra bulky and the slip, I think that the binding really ties it together and makes this already comfy quilt even more inviting to cuddle with!

Happy Birthday my little Noodle!

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Short On The Borders

At the beginning of this year, my mom and I agreed that 2017 should be the year of finishes. We had enough projects going to last us a lifetime and we needed to get some of that work done!

Well I’ve sorta lived up to my word. I did finish my husband’s quilt not too long ago and he now sleeps wrapped up in it on warmed nights.

My son’s quilt still languishes due to having run out of his border colors. I’ll need to finally bite the bullet and just purchase more so I can get that one done, too!

But last summer I started a quilt with this adorable flannel fabric I found at JoAnns. Originally, I got it for a friend’s baby boy but he has since grown beyond such a young pattern. Then I was blessed with two nephews, one whose room is adorably grey and light colored, similar to this fabric. Plus, he’s got an animal theme going so it’s perfect for him.

Well, this project has made it’s way out of my drawers and I’ve finished the top. It’s small and simple, just right for a little guy who needs some extra snuggles on chilly fall nights.

It’s adorable and fuzzy soft. I’m considering some minky for the backing to make it even softer.

But I have a small conundrum. There is a border the lines only two sides of this top. It is the slimmer pieces that surround the larger squares. I’m all out of fabric from this kit (except for some random end pieces) so I have a few paths I can take to even this out.

  1. I could just leave it be with that slim border only on two sides.
  2. Or I could remove both sides and leave the outer edge border free.
  3. Or, and this one is probably the most work, I could trim down the borders and then attach it to the barren sides. But my cutting and measuring would have to be pretty precise if I don’t want to screw it up.

So, quilters, what should I do?? Should I go with plan 1, 2, or 3? Or maybe there is another plan I haven’t considered. I do have to get fabric for Jake’s superhero quilt so I could just see if JoAnns has any more of this kit lying around. This would mean I have 4 options!

Decisions, decisions!!!

TGIFF: QAYG Easy Diamonds

Whew! It’s finished! I’ve enjoyed this process so much, and I’m really pleased with the final result. I began with a Fun & Done Easy Diamonds Quilt pattern in the crib size. A friend of mine was due any minute, and I wanted to present her with a gift filled with love and one that could be used until it fell apart.

I chose fabrics that were bright and comforting at the same time. I pre-washed the fabrics to make sure they wouldn’t bleed into one another, first folding each one in an accordion like fashion, then using my quilting pins to hold them together so they wouldn’t get twisted in the machine. I ironed and starched the fabrics before cutting them into strips so it would be easier and more accurate to cut and sew. I even double starched the triangles so strengthen the bias side lol!

Using a tool called the “batting buddy”, I then cut out all of the backing and batting squares. After I organized all of the strips and backing and batting piles, I was ready to sew! I loved how the sashing and binding were all figured into the squares. I used a feather stitch to sew down both my sashing and binding.

The backing (wrong side up), batting and the strips sewed directly onto the sandwich.

The squares sewn wrong sides together to create the beginning of the sashing. After sewing the sashing, the rows will be sewn together in the same manner.

Opening the sashing.

After the sashing is pressed open, each side is folded over to the edge of the batting, then folded again over the strips, then sewn down.

The binding is created in the same way as the sashing. You can see the sashing sewn down with a feather stitch.

This is the finished quilt…

Have an amazing, creative and FUN weekend everyone!


Crazy Mom Quilts

WIP: QAYG Baby Quilt


My first attempt at QAYG is coming along famously.  It’s for a friend’s infant son, and I wanted fabrics that were bright and cheerful to go with a classic diamond pattern I purchased online from Fabric Junction.  It’s a wonderful Fun & Done QAYG pattern, and trust me, I’ll be using this pattern again and again!


I found some blank wall space in our family room that was perfect to put up the squares I had completed to see how I wanted the quilt to look.  I’m so glad I did…I found the second layout to be more pleasing than the first.  It made all the difference!

I like this layout better.

I still have two more rows of blocks to complete before I start the sashing and binding process, both of which are already built into the blocks.  I’m hoping to have this crib quilt completed by next week.  I’m really enjoying the rhythm of sewing this quilt, and honestly, getting reacquainted with my sewing machine all over again.  Though it’s about twenty years old, it’s a wonderful machine, and I have no desire to purchase a new one at this time.  Yay for good investments!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Happy Crafting!

I love watching my classic movies while I sew!

Yay! I found these labels buried in my sewing basket. Score!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
Sew Fresh Quilts


WIP: First Quilt As You Go

And it begins!  My first Fun And Done QAYG quilt!

I’ve decided to make a crib sized quilt for a friend of mine who is due any day now.  She’s expecting a boy, so I went with some primary colors and complimentary fillers.


The pattern is an easy Diamonds Quilt pattern I bought from Fabric Junction.

I made the decision to purchase the “batting buddy” offered to help me along.  Anything to make my piecing and sewing go faster and more efficient, I’m totally down for!

As of now, I’ve cut most of the strips, and will use the batting buddy template to cut the backing and batting.

Then I’ll begin to assemble the blocks.  My machine has been sitting for a while…the next decision I’ll need to make, is to take it in for a “spa” tune up day, or take a chance and sew my blocks.  I may just take a chance…I’d hate to break up the rhythm I have going!

For now, my kitchen island serves as my cutting table.  Soon, I hope to have one in my sewing/crafting space!

I’ll keep you updated.  Until then, have a wonderful hobby filled day!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
Sew Fresh Quilts

Third Quilt: Pooh Bear Baby Quilt

Mitered corners came out ok.

On Thursday, I was sitting around my room, bumming that it was so cold and lonely in there by myself. My son was asleep and my sweetheart was home. It was just me, keeping warm in my big bed all by myself.

Looking across the room I realized that if I felt up to it, my Pooh Bear Baby Quilt was calling for me to finish it. But finishing it would mean I’d have to get up and I’d have to walk over there and work. After some thinking and lazing around, I finally got up and walked the short distance to my machine.

Once I was there, I flew. In just under two hours I cut, pressed, bound and finished this quilt. In two hours I wrapped up this 6 year project.


I did things a little differently and I’m not sure if I like it. When I placed the pressers foot down, I realized that my binding was the same width as my foot. So if if sewed with my foot pressed right up against the edge of the binding, I would better be able to keep a straight line!

Will consider moving my needle over next time.

As you can see, that means the stitching ended up in the middle of the binding leaving a little “ruffle”. Now, this is a baby quilt so the “ruffle” doesn’t look bad. But, next quilt I may move my needle over so that it will hopefully run right against the edge and leave a cleaner seam.

Not as good as the last one

My front corners came out ok but the back corners didn’t come out as clean. As you can see, the seam veers off, missing the binding a bit and ending up on the back of the quilt. And, if I wasn’t careful, the seams wouldn’t match up when I met at the corner in the front. I learned lots about my binding abilities from this one and I hopefully will have a cleaner technique on the next.

Top side

Over all, it’s cute. Still needs to be washed and pressed so that it’s presentable. But I’ve come away with some new techniques and some new tips for myself. First of all, pin it down or baste the layers together. I had a lot of waves roll through the layers and it’s not a smooth as I’d like it to be. I’m lazy when it comes to pinning but I think I’m going to need to get over that and start pinning my layers together before I quilt. Also, play with the tension before hand. This machine is old and I never learned how to properly use it so I doubt my tension is always correct. Also, use the needle positioning tab and move it around. Feel it out and play with it, see how it looks when it’s to the right or the left of center. In general, get to know my machine more.


Unfinished: Pooh Bear Baby Quilt

I love babies.

I love babies and all that baby stuff.

Ok maybe not pink baby stuff but I love the soft colors, the simple patterns and just the delicate nature of a fresh new life.

6 years ago I was gifted a fat quarter bundle of Classic Pooh Bear material. It was precious! And I knew that someday I’d like to have a baby and decorate completely in a Pooh Bear motif.

Well that day came and that idea flew so fast out of my head, I don’t even remember it leaving my brain. All I knew is that when they said I was having a boy, my theme would be Noah’s Ark.

And I’m not even religious.

But Noah was his theme and it’s pretty appropriate to this day since he has a huge obsession with animals and all living creatures. Especially scaly, slimy ones.

Every mothers’ dream.

So for years that Pooh Bear quilt sat untouched as I moved around. It’s just a simple quilt top with some borders added.

Borders and squares

Simple, non-gender specific. A great quilt for a new baby gift.

Back and front

The backing is a light yellow, an almost off-white color. It’s so simple and yet so sweet. I just love it!

It desperately needs to be pressed. Then after I do that, the next step is to quilt the pieces together. I thought for aesthetic purposes I’d only machine quilt the solid colored squares. Then I’ll quilt around the inner edge of the border before starting the binding which will be the same off-white, soft yellow color of the back.

Check back to see my progress.