Friday Night Sew-In: What Have I Done!?

So, I decided to play along last Friday night and be apart of the monthly sew-in. I picked up an unfinished project and sat down with some old Friends episodes with the plan to sew the night away and get a lot of ground covered.

I cut and trimmed and sectioned together smaller strips to be made into a four strip half of a row. In the end, I would put two rows together to create a picket fence. It’s a small project, for beginners and newbies like me to get some experience with picket fences and a little applique.

Everything seemed to be going as planned. For a little while…

Then I went ahead and put together my first complete square and got this. Sigh…

From this angle it doesn’t seem so bad but from the side you’ll see what I’m sighing at.

See how it knots up in the center? Sigh…

As it would seem, I’m still very much a beginner. In sewing together so many swatches with pressed seams laying in opposition to each other, it would appear that I have sewn a large lump along my middle seam.

Luckily it’s an easy fix. I just tear the seams out and start over. And because I’m so anxious to move along and see some progress that looks remotely like the end result, I haven’t even sewn together all the individual squares to make up the larger picket fences. Double sigh…

The lesson for today: SLOW DOWN!

Take it step at a time and done’t get ahead of yourself.

Or you’ll end up with this…

A project with un-cut squares waiting patiently to be minced into long strips.

Strips cut but waiting to be sewn together.

Strips sewn together into a smaller aquare that are now waiting to be trimmed and added to another smaller square.

And squares sewn together to create rows.

Oh and one attempt at rows sewn together to create one large “finished” square.

I need to clean this mess up, organize what I’ve begun and start over.

 From scratch.


Handmade by Heidi

Bad Quilting, Bad!

This is a real post. A post without a finished product, perfectly pressed seams or beautiful situated fabrics to show off their color and lines.

There are no quilts rolled majestically to display the way the color combinations work so well together like a dance performed beautifully.

The lighting isn’t perfect and the background wasn’t picked for its contrasting colors to better display the subject.

This is a real post.

A post of mistakes. Of unfinished business. Of a good idea gone bad.

I had the great idea to create little mug rugs as a last day of school gift to Jake’s teachers.

I even blogged about my idea.

But not every idea is meant to be completed.

What started out as a fun project for Jake turned into a nightmare.

First, they turned out too small.

But I thought to myself, hey! These will be mini mug rugs, kinda like a double coaster. How cute!


Instead that made my life hell. I quilted it together and I could see that I was going to have a problem.

And since I wasn’t thinking this through all the way, I just cut my binding at the standard 2 1/2 inch width. Sigh…

Yeah that didn’t work. Why I didn’t cut it smaller, more like 2 inches, I will never know. But the binding was just too big for something so small.

All that extra material for such a small project made it buckle and ripple and just look awful.

So, I’ve decided to set it aside and get his teachers flowers for tomorrow.

And chalk this up as experience.