WIP Wednesday: Jelly Roll Quilt

I needed a quick and satisfying project to get me back in the swing of creating yesterday.   I quickly went through my jelly roll drawer, and searched for the fabric that made my heart race the most.

I kept coming back to this Moda jelly roll called Sunflower Song.  Yup!  That was it! Civil War type prints in rich browns, greens, cream prints, blues and deep reds, was the ticket! 

I rewatched Missouri Star Quilt Co.’s YouTube tutorial Jelly roll race and then sat down at my machine and started stitching.  It took me more than the hour the video claimed it would take (I’m persnickety), but the basic top is done!  Yay!  I’m considering adding one border before I sandwich it and quilt it.

 I also saw the opportunity to take this finished top and cut it up into a completely different design if I wanted to take it further.  I could use my 60 degree equilateral triangle ruler (demonstrated here) or one of Crafty Gemini’s projects using her 10″ slicer ruler found in her YouTube tutorial here.  So many ideas!

For now, I’m itching to finish this simple quilt!  I’m deciding if I want to do a fun over-all free motion design, or a quick and easy stitch-in-the-ditch with my walking foot.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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WIP: Sew Along Table Runner

We love Halloween! So this past weekend we decided to start a Halloween craft together!

Using our Haunted Mansion charm pack by Moda, we planned it out together! You can check out our post here to see our layout and applique plans.

I had a good start this weekend due to some free time. Plus I knew that if I didn’t get a jump on it, my week would fill up fast with work. While my mom and I were able to work together a bit on our runners, we spent most of our time apart working separately.

This is my mom’s layout as she had it on her design wall. Pretty cute thus far! 

Later on she sent me a picture of her finished top! How quickly she worked!

Great job, mom! Our next step will begin this weekend when we design and layout our appliqué pumpkins!

Now for my runner….with a story.

My runner top was completed yesterday. I put a lot of the work in earlier in the week due to my hectic schedule of work and mom duties. I really wanted my runner to come out well so I took the time to square things up, press my seams open, and spray the snot out of it with fabric starch. It was looking great and I was super pleased with my finished product.

Then my son happened…

I told him to grab my runner so we could snap some shots for the blog today. He happily ran upstairs to get the runner and model like the goofball he is.

Then this happened.

Poor guy is prone to nose bleeds. He has them at night, in the morning, at school, while walking, talking, hell even when swimming. You name it, he’ll bleed.

While he was holding my runner, all perfectly pressed and immaculate, he suddenly exclaimed, “MOM! Bloody nose!” Of course this would happen right at the moment I have him hold my project I worked so hard on! Gah!!!

Lucky for me I have some Oxiclean handy for his nosebleeds.

I sprayed this stuff on all the spots and worked quickly to scratch out the blood spots on the runner. Oddly, it didn’t make a HUGE mess, it just happened to have dripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. Just a drop every couple of blocks down the whole way.


It’s now drying out on our patio. I just had to laugh. It’s been a rough week. We’ve had plumbing issues and I’ve had to deal with tension at work so my sewing was one of my joys that helped me get away from the bad things happening. So for it to get dirty with blood was just comical, in a Murphy’s Law kinda way.

I’m still proud of my work. It looks great and I’m ready to start the road to appliquéing my pumpkin on!

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WIP: The Disappearing Pinwheel 5 TWIST Quilt

Ohhhh mannn am I loving this pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company called The Disappearing Pinwheel 5 TWIST Quilt. I’m making it with two layer cakes; one in lovely vintage fabrics, the other a solid white.

Sewing the 10 inch layer cake squares together around the perimeter.

Cutting the sewn squares from corner to corner twice to make half square triangles. The finished block is on the right.

Pressing open the half square triangles.


The finished block.







I still have two more rows to finished.

I decided to take my time with this quilt top. It was important to me to set my sewing “style”. Though I made one block in it’s entirety to experience the process and see how it would turn out, I’ve found that I like to sew in an assembly line, much like Jenny Doan of MSQC.  There’s a kind of mediative feeling I get when sewing this way.
I’m hoping to get this top completed in a day or two.  I’m itching to go shopping for the backing, border and binding fabric!  Whoohoo!
Have a wonderful day friends!
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WIP: Sewing Together Wonky Blocks

My son has always been interested in my sewing hobby. He’ll stand next to me and watch the machine whirl away, laying down neat little stitches. When he was younger he liked to push the pedal down and “help”. As he got older, the mechanics of the machine interested him more and he would ask questions and open up my old machine, Shelby, just to see how she ticked.

Then he took an interest in fabric and colors and patterns. He’s very creative and loves to put things together, Legos being his favorite medium. Using the colorful blocks to build ships and rockets and towns helped him see how fabrics could be used in a similar fashion to build using color and texture. So he’d help me arrange blocks and pick out fabrics to finish off my projects.

One day I bought a cheap fat quarter set of some bright chevron patterns and gave it to him to do with it however he wanted. It was his project and I would only sit by to help.

Jake calls these

Jake calls these “zebra stripes!

I gave him some tips on how to cut with a rotary cutter (a little tough for my southpaw) and then let him sit at the machine himself to sew.

Let's sew!

Let’s sew!

He enjoyed the time together and really got a kick out of creating something himself.


Ahhh, look at how little he was! This was back in May of 2014. He’s now grown so much, cut his hair, and he doesn’t look like a little boy any more. He’s more grown and looking more… adult. Sigh…


So grown! He started 4th grade this past week and it’s amazing how time has flown. He’s still super creative and loves to build. This past weekend, while we had some downtime, we brought out his project again and this time he got to sew on the big Elna!


This time he was fascinated not only with the mechanics of the new machine but also the technology on Elna. His favorite: the button that allows him to cut the thread with one push! He even had a few suggestions for improvements!


Taking off from his starting point over a year ago, he sewed together strips and then paired them together to make groupings of four. With some help from me, we cut the strips on an angle and made Wonky Blocks. After, we put our heads together to create a block using what we had cut.


TADA! A diamond Wonky Block made from four smaller blocks. He was very proud of all his work, including his ironing. The end result is a bit crazy and colorful but he loves it!

We don’t quite know what the end game is yet for his first project but there are a lot of options: placemat, table runner, mug rug even.

Check out our vlog as we put our heads together and work on his Wonky Blocks.

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WIP: Sew Day

Today my mom and I got together at her house to spend the morning sewing together. Some states have “snow days”, we have Sew Days!

The set up was in her spacious kitchen with two ironing stations and both of our machines. We had cutting stations on the island and lots of room to move around and get stuff done!

 I decided to work on my Playful Colors quilt top. I’m missing the fifth square so I’ve had to adjust my pattern. Instead of five squares with four filler squares, I’m using the remaining four and sashing them together. 
At first I was worried my fabrics would clash and be too busy but as I pieced it together it started really looking good. I’m happy with the stripes and how well they pull all the other crazy fabrics together.

My mom chose to work on her QAYG pattern. I’m super proud of her for working through this no matter what. She found one mistake and is working through some pretty bulky binding but she’s not given up yet!!!

She’s super close to wrapping this thing up! And I’m only a few sew days away from finishing too. We’re planning another sew day AND making time to podcast.
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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #7

The Southern California Quilter’s Run 2015 is finished for us and we finally sat down to give our recap and review of the shops we visited during our short 3 day travel.

Welcome to Hobbies Up To Here with special guest Jacob!


We saw a lot in those few days running around southern California and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

If you missed our daily vlog posts while we were on the road, check them out!

Southern California Quilter’s Run Day 1

Southern California Quilter’s Run Day 2

Southern California Quilter’s Run Day 3

Here are links to some of the guilds and shows we learned about during our travels.

Friendship Square Quilt Guild

Quilters By The Sea 

Quilters By The Sea Quilt Show August 2015

San Diego Quilt Show September 2015

Road To California Quilt Show January 2016

A shout out to Sonja at the Golden State Quilt shop in Campbell, CA. If you are doing the Row by Row experience this year, check out her shop up there. Her row is very cute! She turned us onto the Generation Q Magazine and we’re super impressed with it so far. I even went and got myself a subscription!

And now for my WIP this week, my patriotic runner from Stars and Scraps Quilt Shop in Corona, CA. The colors are so rich and just beautiful. I’ve officially cut all the triangles and center squares expect I ran out of my lighter color, EEK! I’ll run to JoAnn’s tomorrow to get a scrap to fill it in. It’s a light cream/white solid and I only need two more A blocks!

I’m making the 9 inch square and plan to make a full table runner with it as a gift.

Stickies to help me remember what each color will make in the pattern.

Such gorgeous, rich colors. I can’t wait for it to come together!

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WIP: QAYG Baby Quilt


My first attempt at QAYG is coming along famously.  It’s for a friend’s infant son, and I wanted fabrics that were bright and cheerful to go with a classic diamond pattern I purchased online from Fabric Junction.  It’s a wonderful Fun & Done QAYG pattern, and trust me, I’ll be using this pattern again and again!


I found some blank wall space in our family room that was perfect to put up the squares I had completed to see how I wanted the quilt to look.  I’m so glad I did…I found the second layout to be more pleasing than the first.  It made all the difference!

I like this layout better.

I still have two more rows of blocks to complete before I start the sashing and binding process, both of which are already built into the blocks.  I’m hoping to have this crib quilt completed by next week.  I’m really enjoying the rhythm of sewing this quilt, and honestly, getting reacquainted with my sewing machine all over again.  Though it’s about twenty years old, it’s a wonderful machine, and I have no desire to purchase a new one at this time.  Yay for good investments!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Happy Crafting!

I love watching my classic movies while I sew!

Yay! I found these labels buried in my sewing basket. Score!

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WIP: CIRCA 1934 Layer Cake 

This past weekend I was gifted with a  beautiful, new, hi-tech Elna 760 and I’ve been dying to get going with it. But life has been busy with school and work and testing and the wedding this weekend so she’s been politely sitting on my desk waiting for me to turn her on and get sewing!

After Dori posted the other day about her layer cake fabrics and the simple layer cake cutting and quilting method from the Missouri Star Quilting Co, I was determined that this would be my first project. The instructions are simple and I’m all about the simple steps right now.  It simply doesn’t require a lot of cutting and I’d be able to put my new machine to work!

I had this layer cake called CIRCA 1934 from Moda just laying around in a box. It’s got a nice vintage/modern feel to it and after watching the video on how to cut and sew together this simple scrapy quilt, I was set. This would be my first project on my new machine!
I dug out the fabric and starting cutting away. It’s so simple. Just cutting the full square down to one 3.5 in strip and a 6.5 in strip first them mixing and matching them together. A simple straight seam up one side seals the two together and voila! You’ve got yourself a starting point!  
Then you press and cut again this time cutting the squares in half making them 5 in wide strips. I fed the pairs through my machine and when I was done, I had a nice little pile of squares at my feet just waiting to be snipped and pressed.
I took my long chain of squares and set up a pressing and cutting station downstairs so I could keep an ear on my son playing outside.  

I popped on Chopped and pressed and snipped while I watched some TV, totally in the zone! It was the first time in a long time that I felt completely at peace working on a new project.  By 11pm I had 49 squares made, 6 of which were already made into a long row. I’ll have 6 squares in a row and 8 rows from top to bottom. I have yet to consider sashing or binding options but I’m thinking a red to match the reds in this with some black and white pattern would look sharp!

After this day of sewing, I’m completely head over heels in love with my Elna! She’s smooth, fast, and really makes sewing simple. My favorite thing so far? The little button you push to cut your thread! Just a simple push and BAM! Your thread is cut for you within the body of the machine. How crazy is that!!!

I have tons of pictures so I’ll let them do the talking. I’m tired and ready for bed!

Look! I actually used pins!!!!

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WIP: The Marvel Quilt

A while back I made a discovery; my son is growing up super fast and is more like a little man than a little boy.

I made him a quilt recently that took way longer to finish than I had planned.


By the time I was finished, he had outgrown both the fabric choice and the size. So it was time to upgrade him.

We picked out some cool big guy fabric of his favorite Marvel characters and I stashed it away for a time. I was waiting for some other projects to wrap up and for the time to be right.

Well, just as with having a baby or buying a house, the time is never perfect or right so you just gotta go with it!

This week I started his Marvel Quilt by cutting out all the superhero center squares. I’m going to border these with some stark primary colors like blue and red.


Kinds like this!

So far I have 43 squares cut and I’ve run out of fabric. DAMN! Looks like I’ll need to make a trip to JoAnns soon to grab another cut of this fabric so I can stay consistent with the center squares.


The Hulk sees you!


A trio of good guys.


Got a good cut of Marvel comics.


Got a little Silver Surfer in that cut.


Thor’s swinging’ his hammer.


The kidlet got in on the action and helped me show off some of the squares. Asking him to hold still AND be serious was of course too much. He was a good sport.


He even ironed the squares! I was pretty impressed. He’s usually not comfortable around things that can hurt him like the rotary cutter or the stove. Understandably so, anything can happen. But he ironed like a pro and we got 43 squares cut and pressed.


Check back to see my progress. I don’t have a time limit for this quilt so of course it could take me until he’s getting married to finish the damn thing, ha.

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WIP: My First Quilt…Sorta

Hey strangers! It’s been a while. Last I wrote a post was back in September and A LOT was about to change.

The biggest change was that I left my cushy office job to get back into teaching and tackle my first year. My official title is RtI/ELD teacher. My real title is The Floater. I float from grade level to grade level teaching small groups. It’s been a great experience so far but also very daunting. Half of the time I’m so busy trying to stay afloat that I don’t realize how much time has passed.

Over the weekend it got hot (again!) so we were melting in doors with the air on and finding things to do around the house. Well, just for kicks I pulled out some old projects that had languished too long doing nothing. And for some reason, I randomly grabbed this ol’ project, dusted off my machine, and started sewing.

Just. Like. THAT!

As if I hadn’t taken the last 6 months off, I whirled that machine into a frenzy and starting putting the borders on this disastrous thing. I have no idea what to call it since it’s not really a quilt and it’s actually my first attempt at quilting.

Really it’s just a hodge podge of squares I put together in college that didn’t come together right. None of them are sewn nicely, all of them are a mess, some are too small while others are lopsided. And worst of all, I think all of them have at least one corner that was sewn together wrong. The pattern doesn’t look right.

This is the backstory. In college my machine made the trip from Southern California to San Francisco one year. We used her to make cushion covers for an ugly old couch that had been donated to us for our new living room. I had no clue what I was doing but we managed to make covers for this ratty old couch and made it a little nicer to live with.

It was about then that I got a package from my mom with some fat quarters included and a book It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt. I was suddenly fascinated with patterns and quilts and sewing. But I didn’t take the time to really learn HOW to quilt so I just kinda did it on my own.

Years later, while living in my own apartment outside of the city, my friend and I would get together and try to make something from this colorful material that we had purchased and forgotten about. We stressed and sweated over the patterns and then gave up.

This beast is the product of those sessions.

It was from a fat quarter set I bought on one of our many trips to JoAnns. Really I should have been practicing how to sew but instead I was spending my hard earned money on fabric I didn’t know how to use! Using the book my mom had sent me I pieced this thing together (horribly) and tried to make something of it. But I ended up frustrated as it buckled and all the squares came out different sizes. In the end I simply tossed it away to collect dust. And collect dust it did. I didn’t find it for a good 10 or more years.

Now, for some odd reason, I’m determined to make something of it. It’s my first quilt. One that never got finished and it deserves to be completed! I bought all this colorful material to bring the whole thing together and I’m pretty happy with it so far. The black and polka dotted material really frame it well without burdening the overly colorful squares.

After making the borders I had enough for the backing, almost. It was a little short on length. But no other material really fit as well with the pieces so I made it work with a small yellow strip in the middle to give it that extra length it needed. This will also be the yellow I will use for the binding and will tie in well now that I have that strip in there.

The yellow is a little lighter than the other yellows but I think it works well. At least, I hope it does! Crossing my fingers everything comes together.

All I have left to do is to iron out the backing and flatten the top, layer the two together with the batting in between, then quilt it down and add the binding.

Simple really! HA! I can only wish it was as simple to finish as it is to type up. But I do hope to be sharing the finished product with you by Friday for the TGIFF link up!

While I wish I was coming back full time to blogging and quilting, I know I won’t be able to juggle everything yet. But I plan to be a little more active than I have been the last 6 months. The itch to be creative it strong with me right now. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time each day being creative and loud and in front of a small audience constantly that the peace and quiet of quilting is calling me!

Hope you stop by and leave a comment. I plan to hop around the blogosphere this week! See ya!



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