Book Review: Birds In The Air Episode #56

Hey hobbyists and crafters. It’s time for another episode of Hobbies Up To Here!


We’ve had a very productive week off for Thanksgiving. Here are a few of our WIPS!

My mom and dad have been working on their own stitching projects. She’s flying through a baby blanket and he’s cranking out some great dollies.

I got the wild inspiration to go ahead and create my own design wall. The guys helped me put it all together and now I have one BIG design wall to play with!


Jake’s Darth Vader quilt is quilted and now the trimming commences! Jake did the top on his own (with only a little mommy help) and I did the quilting. I’m attempting to roll the binding over as opposed to my usual strip method. Wish me luck!

I also wrapped up my box subscription showdown on our Youtube channel.

This episode we dive into the novel Birds in the Air by Frances O’Roark Dowell. I surprised my mom with a copy for each of us to read and enjoy. And boy did we!

Not only is Frances an author but she is also the host of The Off Kilter Quilt podcast where she talks of life and quilting. Check out her podcast and her website!

If you don’t want to be spoiled, listen through to minute 32 where we take a quick break and then leap into some spoilery goodness.

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