Monday Musings: Change

Have you ever bit into your lip so hard that it takes forever to heal because you keep biting it over and over again? Last weekend I was talking to some friends at a BBQ we had at our house. Out of nowhere, I munched into my bottom lip and the damn thing bruised! It hurt so bad and after that, every time I thought it was going away, I’d bite it again. Ugh… I’ve resorted to using Orajel to keep the pain away and help it heal. I’m so annoyed with myself for biting it over and over again!

Anywho, Happy Monday and for those state side, Happy Labor Day! I’m off on a camping trip this weekend so this post was written ahead of time. Figured I could write about a few things going on in our life that’s not quilting.

Team mom duties are in full swing! We’ve collected money from most of the parents and our banner is underway. We are the Star Destroyers! A very boy name, if you ask me. Our thoughts were to make the banner a galaxy theme with stars being hit with soccer ball meteors.

bannerKinda like this! Only…better. But that’s our idea so far. And instead of little lines we’ll have crimson flames as they crash into the golden starts. Cute, no? I’m in charge of the backdrop so I’ll be sewing the seams to slip over the pipes that make up the frame. I’ve got some left over fabric from the Peaceful Planet quilt I finished last week that will go great as a background!

This is going to be a BIG month for us. I’ve touched on the subject a bit but haven’t really divulged details yet but now that it’s official I can: I’m leaving my job of 7 years at the family business to return to teaching!! This is a huge deal. I got my credential years ago but never got to have a classroom of my own. I was a substitute from day-to-day and then took some long term jobs that never went anywhere. After months of trying to get interviews and having to return each school year as a substitute all while raising my son on my own, I got the opportunity to take a spot at my family business. A long time employee was retiring and a spot was opening up. I needed the security and insurance for my then toddler son and decided to give up my dream of being a teacher.

Choosing to have my son was a hard decision but it was the right one for me. But choosing to leave teaching was even harder because I didn’t know if I’d ever get the chance to come back. I got lucky when my husband and I reunited after 15 years apart (we were childhood sweethearts) that we both had the same hopes and dreams for our future. I mentioned that teaching would be something I’d like to do again. And we agreed that it would be wonderful for me to use my credential I worked so hard for. Well, after 7 years, I decided to apply to work as a substitute teach and I got accepted!!!

It’s only a small step towards my dreams but it’s better than missing this chance by being too scared to try.

So this means A LOT will be changing. My schedule, our finances, even our need for a sitter will diminish. But I’ll be freer to get our son to practice and be home on his days off. Dinner will be made each night instead of prepping all on one day and then reheating leftovers. Lots will change, both good and not so good.

I also got some good news. I mentioned in a few posts back that my little Canon PowerShot broke. The lens won’t retract and it won’t reset itself. I was so frustrated I wanted to chuck it and just get a new one. BUUUUTTTT, those cameras ain’t cheap! Instead I did some research and found that certain serial numbers of the S100 series have an issue with faulty wiring to the lens. So I put in an email to Canon and got a prompt response. Mine has one of the faulty serial numbers. They are going to send me a packing ticket to have it sent in for a full check-up and repair. I’m so thrilled that this may solve the problem and I’ll get my camera back!!

Well, that’s it for Monday. Hope everyone’s week has started off well and that the weekend as relaxing/exciting/fun! Can’t wait to share any pictures from our trip!