WIP: Binding the Playful Colors Quilt

I’m there!! I’m sooooo close!

I started the Playful Colors quilt on a whim. It was just something to do with a charm pack of crazy colors. It slowly grew into something that involved patches, sashing then borders. Slowly this whimsy of a project turned into a full blown blanket that is now on the verge of being done.

You can check out the vlog I made showing the sandwiching of my quilt. Thank goodness for smooth floors!

As of today, I’m officially binding it! WOOHOO!!! I started hand stitching my binding on this weekend after I butchered the quilt to near demolition. My binding didn’t attach properly and I took a short cut that ended up making a mess of everything. Still bummed about that but it’s working out ok as is.

I really like the way the quilting came out.


I did a simple wonky square inside every other patch. I used a gradient yellow-green thread on top and a solid green thread in the bobbin and that came out perfectly.

Now I’ve got my Wonder Clips in place holding my binding in place. I tend to stitch while my husband plays video games or watched football. That way we’re still hanging out yet I can wrap this project up at the same time.

My mitered corners are a bit of a mess due to the issues I had with the binding going on in the first place. But I’m happy to see this quilt wrapping up!

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Borders, Sashing, and Backing OH MY!

Have you ever pulled out a WIP and realize that you are missing a part of it? If you have, then you’ll sympathize with me . If you haven’t, then I hope you never do. It sucks!

I pulled out my Playful Colors quilt the other day to finally get cracking on the final steps. I’ve acknowledged that I don’t like wrapping up a quilt as much as I like put the top together. Once the pieces are all together and I have to start putting the borders on or adding sashing, I start to get distracted and lose focus.

I’m at that point now with this quilt and my CIRCA 1934 quilt, too. My CIRCA top is done and just needs borders, quilting, and the binding. My Playful Colors quilt needs the sashing to finish the top then the borders, quilting, and binding. But, the speed and interest I had originally has dwindled and I’m finding myself interested in started another project instead (OH SHINY!).


But I know better. I need to wrap these two up before I get going on anything new. Sadly, after a pricy trip to JoAnn’s I realized I’m missing a square. Dang! And I have only three strips of this pattern available to make a new square. So, I’m going to have to adjust my layout and go with what I have.


I also found out that the fabric I originally wanted is not being sold at the JoAnn’s near me and I can’t find a swatch of the fabric with a salvage edge that has the name on it so I went searching around the internet and couldn’t find the extra fabric. Once again I thought I was all set and now I’m having to change things up at the last minute.


Instead of a goldenrod fabric with orange polka dots, I’m making the sashing from this vibrant striped fabric. At first I worried it would be too busy but it has a lot of colors in it that match the variety in the charm pack. I got a nice yellow and a beautiful green to make the borders out of.


Just laying together it looks like it will work! I’m crossing my fingers it will work once it all comes together.


While I was there I also got the fabric I’ll need for the borders and backing of the CIRCA quilt. I wanted simple and strong so that it looked like the quilt top was framed with a cream matting and a final black border. I think I hit the mark with the cream/white fabric.



I struggled a bit with the red because it’s more of an orangey/rusty color than a true or cherry red. I threw a lot of reds down against the top and just couldn’t seem to find a good match. Then I red across this red and felt that it was pretty close and doesn’t seem to clash even if it is not perfect.


Again I’m crossing my fingers that everything comes together and that the colors work and don’t clash.


Honestly, looking at all of them together I almost think they could have made a great blanket! I think I may need more of that striped fabric. It’s seriously amazing! These pictures don’t really do it justice!
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WIP: My First Quilt…Sorta

Hey strangers! It’s been a while. Last I wrote a post was back in September and A LOT was about to change.

The biggest change was that I left my cushy office job to get back into teaching and tackle my first year. My official title is RtI/ELD teacher. My real title is The Floater. I float from grade level to grade level teaching small groups. It’s been a great experience so far but also very daunting. Half of the time I’m so busy trying to stay afloat that I don’t realize how much time has passed.

Over the weekend it got hot (again!) so we were melting in doors with the air on and finding things to do around the house. Well, just for kicks I pulled out some old projects that had languished too long doing nothing. And for some reason, I randomly grabbed this ol’ project, dusted off my machine, and started sewing.

Just. Like. THAT!

As if I hadn’t taken the last 6 months off, I whirled that machine into a frenzy and starting putting the borders on this disastrous thing. I have no idea what to call it since it’s not really a quilt and it’s actually my first attempt at quilting.

Really it’s just a hodge podge of squares I put together in college that didn’t come together right. None of them are sewn nicely, all of them are a mess, some are too small while others are lopsided. And worst of all, I think all of them have at least one corner that was sewn together wrong. The pattern doesn’t look right.

This is the backstory. In college my machine made the trip from Southern California to San Francisco one year. We used her to make cushion covers for an ugly old couch that had been donated to us for our new living room. I had no clue what I was doing but we managed to make covers for this ratty old couch and made it a little nicer to live with.

It was about then that I got a package from my mom with some fat quarters included and a book It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt. I was suddenly fascinated with patterns and quilts and sewing. But I didn’t take the time to really learn HOW to quilt so I just kinda did it on my own.

Years later, while living in my own apartment outside of the city, my friend and I would get together and try to make something from this colorful material that we had purchased and forgotten about. We stressed and sweated over the patterns and then gave up.

This beast is the product of those sessions.

It was from a fat quarter set I bought on one of our many trips to JoAnns. Really I should have been practicing how to sew but instead I was spending my hard earned money on fabric I didn’t know how to use! Using the book my mom had sent me I pieced this thing together (horribly) and tried to make something of it. But I ended up frustrated as it buckled and all the squares came out different sizes. In the end I simply tossed it away to collect dust. And collect dust it did. I didn’t find it for a good 10 or more years.

Now, for some odd reason, I’m determined to make something of it. It’s my first quilt. One that never got finished and it deserves to be completed! I bought all this colorful material to bring the whole thing together and I’m pretty happy with it so far. The black and polka dotted material really frame it well without burdening the overly colorful squares.

After making the borders I had enough for the backing, almost. It was a little short on length. But no other material really fit as well with the pieces so I made it work with a small yellow strip in the middle to give it that extra length it needed. This will also be the yellow I will use for the binding and will tie in well now that I have that strip in there.

The yellow is a little lighter than the other yellows but I think it works well. At least, I hope it does! Crossing my fingers everything comes together.

All I have left to do is to iron out the backing and flatten the top, layer the two together with the batting in between, then quilt it down and add the binding.

Simple really! HA! I can only wish it was as simple to finish as it is to type up. But I do hope to be sharing the finished product with you by Friday for the TGIFF link up!

While I wish I was coming back full time to blogging and quilting, I know I won’t be able to juggle everything yet. But I plan to be a little more active than I have been the last 6 months. The itch to be creative it strong with me right now. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time each day being creative and loud and in front of a small audience constantly that the peace and quiet of quilting is calling me!

Hope you stop by and leave a comment. I plan to hop around the blogosphere this week! See ya!



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Just Starting: Playful Colors Quilt

For a while there I was knee deep in things I could work on. I had a quilt on hand, one I was planning for my son and other little projects all floating around my head. Then I remembered a stack of sewn rows I found in a box not too long ago and got really excited. They were colorful and interesting so I planned to work on them after I finished my Peaceful Planet quilt.

Now with that blanket done I dove right in and started to work on the second charm pack called Lollipop by Sandy Gervais. I love this pack because it is so bright and playful. So I decided to dub this quilt the Playful Colors Quilt.


My first set of rows are kind of a miss-mash of colors and combinations. I don’t think I had much of a plan to it so I went at this one with the same thought. Just play with it! Pull together colors and patterns that catch my eye and go for it!


There are really so many ways to go about this so as I got going, I made up a few rules. Only one solid square can be in a row. No red and greens together (too Christmasy). Each row has four different squares, no repeats!

It wasn’t 100% easy as I ran into a few glitches at the end but nothing my handy dandy seam ripper couldn’t handle. When I backed myself into a corner I just took another square from a different row to mix it up. And in the end, I felt good about how they all came out.


The second set of rows is finished but not yet pressed so I put them aside and decided to iron another day. While that was on hold, I pulled up the original rows and started pinning them together to make a double row. After my last quilt and all the issues I ran into in the end, I spoke with my mom about it and she gave me a tip to keep my pressed seams open while I sewed things together.

You see, I just learned to press them open and to distribute the bulk of fabric at the seams a little more evenly. But what I couldn’t get to work was sewing those seams down without one side flipping up as it passed over my machine’s feed dogs. Annoying! Every time I tried, the bottom seam would flip up and then I’d have a messy side.

She told me to simply take a pin and put it through the top and bottom front flap on the seam to hold them down as I sewed them together so that way the bottom on won’t catch on the machine and flip. Simple and effective!

Now all my seams are still flat and the bulk of all that material is still evenly spread out at each crossing point. Yeehaw!!!

Next, I press!! And plan! I have a total of 19 four square rows. 8 rows have already been sewn together giving me 4 double wide rows. I’ve got an odd number of rows so one will be put aside. I could put a simple border around each row wide set then a thicker border down the middle. Or I could cut each row in half and make smaller squares. WHO KNOWS?! We’ll just have to see what comes next!

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