A Week of Pinterest: Pass or Fail!

This week was our Spring Break from school and work and we decided to stay home instead of travel. While I would have all this time at home, I realized it would be a great time to get creative!

So I scanned my Pinterest boards and found  few things I wanted to try and share the process with all of you! Below are my five days of testing our Pinterest projects, from makeup to DIY art.


I’m a huge fan of makeup because I love playing with colors and creating new looks. It’s amazing what you can do with a little eyeshadow and some brushes. To me it’s similar to painting a canvas, except that it’s your face. I attempted a smokey eye look and shared my thoughts.


The next day I chose a DIY art project that I’ve seen float through my pins from day one on Pinterest. Melted crayon art looks so cool and yet could go so horribly wrong so I wanted to take a stab at it and see if I could create something beautiful.


One of the biggest boards I have on Pinterest is my cooking board. There I pin all the yummy recipes I want to make and some of them I do attempt. But I hadn’t yet made a fried recipe so I pulled one of the most repinned chicken dishes on my board.


With three passes under our belt, my son and I attempted another DIY art project that I had seen many times on Pinterest. Around Christmas time we had actually thought to try these as gifts. BOY am I glad we didn’t do that. These were not quite a pass or fail but they definitely didn’t come out as we had hoped.


On our final day I really wanted to make some cool bath bombs so that we could relax in the bath with some soothing peppermint scented fizziness. Sadly I think I messed these up so I may attempt them again when summer comes and I have some more free time on my hands.

Our five days are up and I’m thrilled to say we had three passes and only two fails. And the two fails are something I’m interested in going back and trying again. It was also a great bonding experience for Jake and myself. We had fun making the videos and also discussing what worked and what didn’t. I think we’d be up for trying more Pinterests projects this summer!

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Journaling For Me!


Lately I’ve been feeling anti-creative. Making a huge mess and then having to stop and clean up what I’ve started doesn’t appeal to me much these days. It might be that I’ve been working hard in my classroom and I’m too tired to start something big at home.

While I may not have the urge to pull out fabric and get my machine running or to sit there for long stretches and sew, I still have the urge to be creative in other ways.

We’ve lately been on an organizing and cleaning streak, going through all of our closets and drawers, donating things we don’t need that are still in good condition and tossing broken bits. Deep in the darkest corners of my closet I found a bag full of stickers and empty journal pages from a trip my son and I took years ago. Seeing the undone work waiting to be finished, I got the urge to pick up my journal again.


Journaling for me isn’t just a Dear Diary log of what’s going on and what I’m feeling. Instead it’s a way for me to remember and catalog many of the things that are going on for my future generations to read. It’s a mixture of memories written, pictures shared, and little trinkets of happy instances. Tickets, pictures, clippings, race numbers, and lots of decorative stickers to spruce it up.

There is something very cathartic about writing out your thoughts and what you remember of a certain moment in time. To me, as I watch my grandmother battle Parkinson’s and dementia and memory issues, knowing that I’m writing down my thoughts now before they disappear forever, gives me a sense of calm. I know my son and any generations after will have this log book of all that happened before them so that if I can’t remember, they will still have our history to look back on.

IMG_9500 2

It’s also a great way to clean up! All those loose pictures just laying around from a time when we had pictures printed end up used and stored safely. And instead of all my scrapbooking supplies taking up space, they are put to good use!

To help inspire me to write more often and to keep up my journaling, I’ve created a Pinterest board to collect ideas.


There are so many resources out there from prompts to graphics that make a journal more than just ink on a page. The ideas take a simple page of thoughts and turn them into interactive memories.

Do you journal and/or scrapbook? Have any favorite layouts you’ve created recently? Feel free to share them!

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Ryan’s Cases for Smiles: A Worthy Cause

Kids and cancer: two words, I believe, don’t belong in the same sentence. But we live in a world where young children struggle with cancer and its treatment on a daily basis. And beside these little superheroes are a their parents, siblings, doctors, and nurses helping them find hope and push through.

As a parent myself, I sometimes feels helpless when I hear of the hardships other parents face when dealing with the diagnosis of cancer for their child. While we wait for the right tools to fall into the right hands at the right time to find a cure for cancer, what do we have to give to these families as they strive to survive such a devastating disease?

Well, how about some smiles?

While at QuiltCon 2016, we were approached by Cindy and Lisa from Ryan’s Cases for Smiles. Now, in all honesty, I struggle a bit with some auditory processing issues so when we were walking around on the vendor floor of the convention center, I had some trouble hearing some of the conversations we were having with all these amazing people. As with most crowded places, when a conversation starts I use my adaptive skills to help me fill in the gaps when I have a hard time understanding what’s being said.

So when Cindy Kerr approached us, I didn’t quite catch the beginning of the conversation. But as things progressed and I took some cues from my mom’s facial expressions and her body language in addition to the material we were handed and the pieces I did hear, I realized Cindy was there to ask us to help them get the word out for their wonderful organization.

Ryan’s Cases for Smiles is a caring group of people working to help young cancer patients “feel better to heal better”. By making and donating pillow cases made of fantastic fabrics that would cheer anyone up, this organization is making a huge difference in the way a child feels as they go through the necessary treatments to fight their battle and be well again.

All they asked of us was just to spread the word of their wonderful organization and I couldn’t agree fast enough! Any chance I have to help a child going through something as tough as this is a chance I’m happy to take!

Check out the video below of all the wonderful things they do to help these little superheroes fight the biggest battles of their little lives. Help a child smile and donate some fabric, a pillowcase, or your time.

Head over to Ryan’s Cases for Smiles and help out in any way you can!

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{VIDEO} Dollar Tree Haul for Christmas!

No one loves a good deal more than me! And our local Dollar Tree store is nothing but a good deal when it comes to gifts and crafting items.

I love challenging myself to finding items I can combine to make great crafty items for both decor and gifts.

Check out my haul for Christmas this year!

{VIDEO} DIY Mod Podge Glitter Jar

When I’m not quilting or sewing, I’ve always got a new project on my mind. I love trying out new ways to take everyday items and make them into something beautiful and useful.

Hence my addiction to mod podge. I’ve not had much luck with mod podge so far BUT I’m determined to make it mine!

This weekend I had some success and created some great little jars for decorating your home either for the holidays or just to add a little glitz around your home.

Check out our little tutorial to make your own mod podge glitter jar!

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Are You A Jack Of All Trades? Join the club!

Happy Friday All!

It’s no secret that I have multiple interests in various hobbies. Photography, quilting, sewing, cross stitching, writing, reading and porcelain doll making, to name a few. To those who expound the adage “a jack of all trades, a master of none” I have one response:


No, this is not a rant. I simply want to encourage all of you to go where your creative brain and curious heart leads you. I do, and I feel my life is much richer for it.

I struggle with being a beginner at a new skill. I want to be an expert at everything I take an interest in trying. Of course, this is insane, and though I have never claimed to be completely of sound mind, I have an ounce or two of common sense in regards to beginning a whole new art form.  It can be costly, time consuming and yes, frustrating.  However,  I’ve had the experience of starting a new hobby and working through the beginner stages, seeing if the new artistic endeavor sticks, and moving on to a relative level of knowledge and expertise. On that journey, I’ve met amazing like-minded people who have guided, educated and supported me. Lots of new friends. That alone is worth embarking on an unfamiliar but enticing creative adventure.

I already have a few projects in the works as I write, all of them calling me to come and play. An almost-finished QAYG baby quilt, a cross stitch wedding piece that I just used an extensive “frog” stitch on (rip it, rip it, rip it!!!!), two books (one to read, one to listen to as I create) and a pair of red cashmere baby sox on double pointed needles.  More than enough, I’d say, yes?

And then.  Just this morning on Pinterest….be still my heart!   I saw a photos of porcelain dolls that took my breath away. One was clothed in Steampunk attire;


one, painted head to toe in tattoos, another whose tattoo art included her face;



one looked as though great pains were taken to make her look authentically Goth;


All unlike any other dolls I’d ever seen before.

Most of the dolls I’ve made in the past were decidedly “traditional”. These new images, however, made my arms break out in gooseflesh. Stunning, outside-of-the-box creations, I was inspired to go online (again!), determined to find a resource for porcelain slip to pour into a fairy mold I have stashed on a shelf in my garage. That small adorable mold would be PERFECT for turning out some modern Steampunk or other alternative art dolls, I reckon! I was successful, and with the warmer weather, I expect to begin pouring next week or so. Now to find someone who has access to a kiln lol! 🙂

So, how about we stop hiding the fact that we want to experience many new paths to showcase what’s in our creative imagination? Let’s don’t let the fact that we’ve accomplished a level of mastery of our primary artistry block us from investing the time we need to experiment with something we’re itching to learn.  Deal?

I’d love to hear about what beckons to you.  Has it newly come to your attention, or has it always been in the back of your mind?

Let’s challenge each other! Stretch, reach, risk….and by all means, let’s have FUN!

Your devoted Jack Of All Trades (and proud of it!),


A Place To Hang Your Hat

In life, I wear many hats.

I’m a mother first and foremost. I take care of my son and I do everything in my power to make sure he is fed, washed, clothed and has a roof over his head.

After that a variety of roles vie for the next spot. I’m a daughter, an employee and a sister. I’m a friend, a best friend and even a little bit of a more-than-friends friend.

I guess I’ll add to that a runner though I’m more specifically a racer since the only time I put on my running shoes is when I’m wearing a number and standing at the starting line of a race.

All these hats can be daunting to juggle and at times I have to pick and choose which to wear and which to hang up.

I have many creative hats. I’m a writer, a poet, a cook and a quilter. As I’ve grown and learned more about myself, my creative hats are not ones I can wear at the same time as another.

If I’m wearing my dashing writers hat, that’s the only one that fits at the time. So I hang up my kitchen hat, my dancing hat and my quilter hat. They hang neatly, waiting their turn to be worn.

The length of time I spend in one capacity over the others isn’t set in stone. It depends on how long the feeling lasts. If my creative juices for cooking continue to flow, then in the kitchen you will find me.

It’s been six months since I’ve picked up my quilters hat. The layers of dust have collected and I’m not sure if I’m ready to put it back on.

While I miss the creative aspect of color matching, piecing and finishing a quilt, I don’t miss the mess, the cutting and the frustration when a blanket is riddled with mistakes.

Perfectionist hat? Yeah, that one never comes off.

But the pull to look at bundles of material all arranged in beautiful mixtures of patterns and hues is getting stronger. The need to slice through some cloth as it lays on my cutting board pressing into my shaggy carpet calls to me. I can feel the tug of putting my hands to work on a long overdue quilt yanking at my idle hands.

I’ve dusted off the hat but I have yet to put it on. I’m not ready yet. But I can feel it. I am almost ready to start quilting again…

Maybe next week…