Carol’s Zoo “Ewok” Bear

Hahaha!  This teddy bear pattern from Carol Cruise of Carol’s Zoo is actually called “Carol’s Bearrit”.  The luxury fur I chose, however, made it look like a cuddly “Ewok”instead!

I glued the two pattern pieces to a sturdy piece of lightweight cardboard, then cut the pieces out. I knew I would want to make more than one bear, and I did this to extend the life of the pattern. (Quilting template plastic can be used too.) Working from the back of the fur, I traced around the pattern with a sharpie, transferring all of the markings. I also chose to use a hole punch for the circle markings, so I could just color them in on the back of the fabric.

When working with fur, this next step is important. Using sharp embroidery scissors, I made sure to cut the backing and not the fur by sliding the scissor points in, skimming the backing, and then cutting on the outside of the marked line.  After cutting, I gently pulled apart the pieces, keeping the fur intact.

When I pinned the pieces together, I used long quilting pins, about 1/4″ apart, tucking in the fur as I went. I used a 90/14 needle, and a longer 3.0 stitch when sewing the 1/4″ seams.  I kept an aluminum knitting needle beside me to help keep errant fur tucked into the seam while I sewed.  After turning the bear right side out, I stuffed it with high quality plush fiber fill, then hand sewed the back opening with a strong ladder stitch.


Because my hubby helped me get the quilting done so quickly on the Whale Baby Quilt, I was able to get this adorable bear done in time to give it as an added gift to my Daughter-In-Law at her shower.  Yay for team Nona and Papa!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


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