Friday Night Sew-In: The Peaceful Planet Continues!

Me: Hey mister, I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Husband: Yeah, what about?

Me: On Friday night, I’m participating in a web-wide sew-in so I’m going to be focused on that quilt I started. Just wanted to let you know so you can make plans if you want.

Husband: Like game time?!

Me: Sure!

Husband: (texting quietly)

Me: Or maybe see the guys?

Husband: Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Maybe I’ll go out and have a wild time and get¬†wasted!!!!

Me: Uh huh, yeah. Sure. You do that…

On Monday, the mister had an appointment at my office to do some computer work. He’s does most of the IT work at my company so I get the pleasure of seeing him once in a while. It’s awesome too when it falls near lunch because then we get a lunch date which is one of my favorite things, besides just seeing him, cuz you know, I kinda like him ūüôā

I took advantage of the time together to let him know I’d be holed up in my sewing corner sewing like a mad woman on Friday night so that way he could make plans and not feel ignored. Hahahha, I get so wrapped up when I sew that it can feel like I’m not paying any attention to anyone else so when I know I’m going to be playing along with the Friday Night Sew-In, I give a week’s notice, just to be polite!

This week has been crazy! First was Tuesday! The little man got picked up by his Nana from camp and I met up with her after dinner for a long 5 mile hilly run that turned into only a 3.93 mile run. But hey, I got out there! Then Wednesday I met with the other co-team mom for our sons’ soccer team. I’m not sure why I signed up to do this with all that I already have planned for fall but it seemed like a good idea at the time. After that, we raced to the salon to give my little man a trim. He’s been on a long hair kick lately but I knew we’d need to trim it and make it neat for school and soccer pictures.

Then Thursday hit and we were rushing again. This time to a dinner cruise out of¬†Newport Beach¬†for a business engagement. Like I mentioned, my husband is in the IT field so we have lots of contacts as both clients and vendors. In this case, we were shmozing with a vendor. It’s nice to be shmozed! But this weekday night-out meant I had to leave work early, rush home, pop on a dress¬†and we had to get my parents to pick up the little man after camp. Whew… The planning it took to get us through Thursday was overwhelming.

By Friday night we were all tired and just ready to be home to rest. The little one was not himself but he still got up with me this morning and road his bike 4.5 miles while I ran. Pretty proud of him. It was at the halfway point that he told me he wasn’t feeling well and had a sore throat. So back home we went and all of our plans for today have been cancelled. The plan now is to rest and take it easy.

Last night, I got to get down to business putting together the top of my peaceful plant quilt. All the strips had been sewn together and pressed, now it was time to put them all together to make the completed top. While I worked, I watched Pride and Prejudice. I like having movies playing in the background while I sew, it makes the time fly by.



Getting Started!

I worked in a dark/light pattern attaching the green to the dark blue and the light strip to the medium blue. It came together quickly and the only thing that stopped me was a break here or there to rest my hands or to rethread the bobbin. I was having some tension issues that were really annoying. I’ve got to look up some videos on how to set the tension and fix it when it goes funky.


Coming along!

In the end I watched the whole movie and got the whole top done! I stretched it out and found it was a bit too long so I ripped out the bottom 4 strips. I was about to leave it as it was but it just felt odd having it soooooo long. Not that it took away from the blanket but I didn’t feel that it added anything either.



That dark celestial fabric I toyed with ended up working out perfectly!!! I’m so happy with it already and I’ve only done two borders. When I went back to Joann’s, they had a different celestial fabric that was even better. It wasn’t as dark and also had some swirly designs I felt went well with the circles and dots on a lot of the strips. It tied in better, I believe but still had that deep, rich blue to frame the strips in.



At the end of my movie, I had the whole top sewn together and two borders attached. Now, I just need to add the longer side borders and press it all down. Soon I’ll be ready to baste it together and quilt the top. I’m not sure what I’ll do. With my small machine I usually just create long lines and follow the seams of the pattern on top. I may just sew from right to left or follow the border around and sew a big rectangle. We’ll see!


Handmade by Heidi

Friday Night Sew-In: What Have I Done!?

So, I decided to play along last Friday night and be apart of the monthly sew-in. I picked up an unfinished project and sat down with some old Friends episodes with the plan to sew the night away and get a lot of ground covered.

I cut and trimmed and sectioned together smaller strips to be made into a four strip half of a row. In the end, I would put two rows together to create a picket fence. It’s a small project, for beginners and newbies like me to get some experience with picket fences and a little applique.

Everything seemed to be going as planned. For a little while…

Then I went ahead and put together my first complete square and got this. Sigh…

From this angle it doesn’t seem so bad but from the side you’ll see what I’m sighing at.

See how it knots up in the center? Sigh…

As it would seem, I’m still very much a beginner. In sewing together so many swatches with pressed seams laying in opposition to each other, it would appear that I have sewn a large lump along my middle seam.

Luckily it’s an easy fix. I just tear the seams out and start over. And because I’m so anxious to move along and see some progress that looks remotely like the end result, I haven’t even sewn together all the individual squares to make up the larger picket fences. Double sigh…

The lesson for today: SLOW DOWN!

Take it step at a time and done’t get ahead of yourself.

Or you’ll end up with this…

A project with un-cut squares waiting patiently to be minced into long strips.

Strips cut but waiting to be sewn together.

Strips sewn together into a smaller aquare that are now waiting to be trimmed and added to another smaller square.

And squares sewn together to create rows.

Oh and one attempt at rows sewn together to create one large “finished” square.

I need to clean this mess up, organize what I’ve begun and start over.

 From scratch.


Handmade by Heidi

Friday Night Sew-In: The Newbie!

Last night was my first ever Friday Night Sew-In. I was happy to have found it. The motivation of knowing so many people were doing the same thing on the same night got me to sit down and pound out some decent work on Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt.

Handmade by HeidiBut before I get into the quilt pictures and progress, I must say I am proud of myself. I finally got around to repairing my son’s poor dragon costume.

My little dragon

What started as a simple Halloween costume shown here, has faded and slowly fallen apart. It was the best $60 I ever spent because he sleeps in it…literally. But the crotch has worn out and a huge hole had grown there. Also one of the wings elastic band was missing so a new one needed to be attached.

As I explained to my little dragon that I needed to sew tonight and I would be working on his quilt, he quietly sneaked down to the dryer and got his cleaned costume. He then brought it to me and gently put it in my lap, urging me to fix it. So I did…

The well love costume

His wing now has an elastic band and there are no more holes in the crotch. Due to his overwhelmingly fast growth, I dare say this outfit won’t last much longer anyhow. But, I love my son and if he wants to wear this to threads, I’ll see to it that he does.

Then I pulled out his bear quilt, the one I’m working on to match the first quilt I finished¬†for his teddy bear. I already had some squares done and a lot of strips pinned together. All I had to do was sit down and start sewing them together.

Already made squares

It’s a very cute pattern made out of a jelly roll I bought from the now gone fabric section of Wal-Mart. It was nice when it was available because it was close to work so when I need something I could run there during my hour lunch break. Now that it’s gone, I stick to my fabric shopping online or during the weekends when I have the time to run to Jo Anns or to a fabric outlet.

Not enough?

I finished piecing the squares and managed to finished three rows including their borders. I did, however, make the startling realization that I don’t think I have enough of the green to finish the border. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!! And because it was a jelly roll that is no longer carried, I’m not sure of the green fabric’s number. So. I think I’ll end after the fourth row of squares, border them with the green and then add a border of two from the left over stripes to fatten up the quilt.

So many left

I definitely have enough of those!

And now for the progress I made last night. I’ve attached all three rows and have one more to finished. As of this morning my little dragon would like some yellow and blue strips added to the outer border to bulk it up.

Almost there

It’s such a bright and color fabric.


This is the row yet to be added. The last of the four.

Good morning, little Dragon

Hey, there is a dragon on my quilt!

I had the little man lay down on it to check for size. Yes, I know there are more proficient means of measurement but he was there and oh so excited about his blanket so I wanted to include him and had it laid out for him to test. He says it’s not big enough. I concur.

See you all later. I’m off to Disneyland today and my weekends are usually pretty busy so I plan to hop around once I survive make it through to Monday.

Friday Night Sew-In

Handmade by HeidiIn my recent trips around the web this week, I’ve found that Friday night is not the night to go out, but instead a night to stay in and sew.

Since I’ve already planned on doing just this tonight (I foresee a busy weekend with no real time to sit and quilt) why not join in?

It’ll be my first Friday Night Sew-In and I think it’ll be pretty cool to sit, do what I’d normally do on a night in but this time I’ll know that around the world, people every where are doing the same thing!

I have two projects that could really use some work so I’ll pull out Jake’s Twin Bear Quilt and my Fresh Pears Table Runner.

Looking forward to the little man’s bed time so I can cozy up to my stitching movie and my machine!

Let’s Sew!