The Splendid Sampler: Block 8 Friends Around The Square

Sometimes I’m annoying. I say this with slightly tongue in cheek. Otherwise, I mean it whole heartedly. I can be annoying.

My mom and I talk at length about her perfectionism and how I scoff at patterns and rules. But sometimes, just sometimes, I get roped in by the rules and it really can suck me in!


Block 8 looked simple enough. A month had gone by for the sampler and I was feeling pretty confident about all my new skills. All my other blocks had their trials but so far I have been super happy with the end results. So I dove right in and decided to knock this block out quickly.

This was the first block that I took the time to organize my fabrics and to label them as I worked through the pattern. Yes, I said while “I worked through the pattern”. I was doing my best to use all the tools offered to me so that I could make a great block. And while it came together rather fast, I got stuck trying to make my points match up in the center.

Yes, my mother’s perfectionism is really started to rub off on me! While I could have just left it as it was, I figured I am in this to improve and learn so I can’t just leave well enough alone. I want it to be as close to perfect a I can!

My end result for that center point is as close to perfect as I could get after I literally ripped out the center seam 8 times to get my points to match! In the end, I love this block for it’s simplicity and it’s color combo. These fabrics together really sing to me and I’m happy to see my hard work pay off!

What did I learn this block:

  • Making my points match up is oddly satisfying. Seriously.
  • Prints that translate closely as a solid (that ouster black fabric) need to be broken up with more color or smaller prints. I like my choices, but it reads very solid and dark.
  • Measuring once and cutting twice isn’t effective when it comes to quilting (or anything really). So double check your measurements before cutting.

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