Comeback Quilters Episode #60

We’ve had a rocky start to the year but we’re finally back and ready to podcast!


2017 has started off with quite a bang! With two new babies joining the clan and now a new sister-in-law to add to the bunch, we’ve been busy planning showers and weddings and gatherings. Very little quilting has been happening but we’ve managed to sneak a few crafty things in here or there.

I’m participating in Alida’s Growing Up QAL and I’ve finished the first month’s block. I also attempted (poorly I might add) an Instagram fitness and QAL called the Sweat and Sew.

Dori has been cranking out baby blankets left and right to prepare for the new grandbabies about to make their appearances in a few months. Her knitted blanket is done and she’s moved on to a cute whale quilt. Pictures are on Instagram!

We went to our first guild meeting! We got to see a wonderful presentation by Thom Atkins (not Atkinson) and we enjoyed our first meeting so much we’re planning on going to this month’s!

Dori enjoyed her 2nd trip to Road to California, even with it’s bumps and issues. Even with the rain and her cold, she came home with some wonderful items from Carol’s Zoo and Golden Thread Silks.

coffee chat

A few shout outs to our friends around the web.

  • To all those going to Quilt Con this month! We are anxiously awaiting your pictures and posts of your experiences so we can live vicariously through you!
  • Thanks Kati for the book recommendation you left us on Episode #56.
  • Congrats to Francis and all the other quilter’s who have a quilt being displayed in Quilt Con this year!

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