The Splendid Sampler: Block 7 Snug As a Bug

I tend to like to work in order. But for this sampler, I’ve decided not to force myself to work sequentially and instead work on blocks that call to me. Sometimes I skip a block because I’m not ready to take on the skill that’s being asked of me or a different block looks really cool and I can’t wait to jump in! So without further ado, here is my block 7.

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Now I’ve never done any embroidery. So when block 7 came out, I was honestly not excited. My first thought, “I thought I was in a quilting sampler.” Away went this project into my binder and I moved on to other blocks.

Once I finished block 5, I started to look at block 7 again and realized it was either this block or block 4 which was a lot of little pieces and I wasn’t feeling like working with small bits.

So I traced the cute little picture onto the back of my fabric (yes, the back which made my whole thing harder and flipped but, oh well, it worked out) and collected a handful of floss from my old cross stitch kits. Yes, cross stitch.

Long long ago, in a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth…sorta… I cross stitched. I don’t know that I’ve ever finished a project but I knew how to read a pattern, pull the floss, start and stop, and I could also do a few fancy stitches.

Since that time in the ancient days, I’ve stopped cross stitching and forgotten all about my past hobby. Until now.

My history with counted cross stitch really came in handy for this block and I didn’t even realize that it would be so similar. And I laugh at myself because, yes, it’s pretty close to what I used to do. Using two strands of floss, I stitched a simple back stitch and followed my drawing.

Super cute! Now my eyes were not done very well. I had forgotten how to do a French knot. Even with step by step instructions I struggled to get them to stay knotted and to look even. I ended up ripping them out and starting over.

MUCH better!!! At the end of the post is the video that ended up clarifying for me how to make a French knot. I was holding the tension thread too high up and my knot was unraveling before it had a chance to wrap around.

While the pattern called for a bunny and a bear alongside the little boy, once I finished I instantly saw my son all of 5 years old again with his buddy, Georgie. So I personalized this for him with only the one buddy and his name along with the date. While this project will be mine, it’s something I’d like him to have someday. Something to pass on to him and to his children someday.


And I what find amazing is that something that wasn’t interesting to me at all has now become something I really enjoy! After this block was finished and came out so adorably, I jumped into block 4 and really enjoyed the whole process. Embroidery is quickly becoming a new and favorite hobby of mine!

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Starting Something New for 2016

I love giving gifts. But I also love receiving them, too. Especially when they spark my creative side!

I was gifted with some gift cards that I got to spend on a few of my hobbies. I grabbed some coloring books (something I’ve loved for years), a pack of colored pencils, and a beginners guide to crocheting (something else I’ve loved doing for years)! I figured, since Jake is interested in crocheting with me, it would be good to grab a book to help us both learn together.

Then I grabbed something new. HEXIES!

I’ve seen this paper piecing process floating through my feed and through my honest craft roomies group on Instagram and periscope. At first I was afraid to start. It seemed like too many steps and too much room for failure. Otherwise… it was fussy. And we all know how I feel about fussy things.

Nevertheless, I grabbed two packs, 1.5 inch and 2 inch paper hexies. I figured, “What the heck? What do I have to lose other than a few dollars?” Then I dove into my scrap stash for the fabric from my July table runner and looked up a few videos on YouTube to help me learn the process. With in a few minutes, I had this!

My first hexie!

My first thoughts were “Wow, this is much easier than I expected” soon after followed by “This can be addicting!”

So, I made some more!

I am finding some gaps in my hand sewing skills. I need to learn a better method to knot my thread and tie off my stitches. I’m also making up my own stitches as I go, using whatever works for me and gets the job done. I’m not sure how important it is for me to learn proper stitches and sewing techniques so for now I’m just going on my merry little way.

The process became so easy and fun for me that I took it on the road and was able to piece together individual hexies AND a full flower made with those individual pieces while on a road trip.

Working on the road meant bumps and jolts but it still was simple to work on and I was whipping through them like a hot knife through butter. And it helps  Working on the road meant bumps and jolts but it still was simple to work on and I was whipping through them like a hot knife through butter. And it helps that I love this fabric combination. I even used it for my mini hexie barn quilt.

Even with all the bumps and turns and stops and goes, I kept working at it and pieced together the individual hexies to make a little flower.

I now have two made at home and I’m debating what to do with them. A pillow? A placemat to go with the table runner? A mug rug or two?

So I say to you, if you want to try something new this year and you’ve been hesitant about jumping in with two feet, I say let go of your fears and just GO! This is a new year. Find something that calls to you and give it a try. Reach out to your community, get some tips and suggestions, then just run with it!

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