Failure is Fertilizer Episode #69

It’s been awhile hobbyists  and we’re happy to be back together and chatting about all our crafty endeavors and failures!

We talk about life, the newest addition to the family, and what’s been happening in both our lives. Also, we go over the few crafty things we’ve attempted lately and share our “failure is fertilizer” projects.

Dori has been busy attempting a new quilt that hasn’t gone quite as she had planned. She’s sticking with it though and doing her best to work with what she has so far!

Jake and I got crafty in the kitchen and we tried to make some Tasty cake batter cookies. While they look cool, they were not edible.

Dori recently met up with a fellow So Cal crafter LoColleen! She bought a stitching frame along with a whole bunch of goodies for her cross stitching hobby.

The summer is upon us and we’re hoping to set up a So Cal Quilter’s Run meet up at one of the participating quilt shops during the run. If you are or someone you know is a fellow So Cal quilter participating in the run, follow us here and on Facebook (link below) to find out more details as we make plans for July!

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #8

Crafters, we’re back!! And we’ve got another episode of Hobbies Up To Here!


This week we talk about FITNESS!!

Both of us have agreed that we want to be healthier! The plan is to be accountable to ourselves but also to check in with each other and discuss any ups or downs that come along with a change in lifestyle.

We also talk about some other hobbies we have like my love for makeup and Dori’s passion for photography. Below are some photos she took as a gig photographer.

The Silent Comedy at the Viper Room Pictured: Timothy Graves, Joshua Zimmerman, Jeremiah Zimmerman Full res

The Silent Comedy at the Viper Room
Pictured: Timothy Graves, Joshua Zimmerman, Jeremiah Zimmerman

Dave4msm copy

Dave Plesh of Run Devil Run at the Roxy ’11


David Rosales of Silent Treatment at the House of Blues in Anaheim


Jake playing soccer!


Dellacoma Rio of Australia’s Sunset Riot

NikkiSharpened copy

Jackie Joyride, Nikki Sixx, Jeremy Aric and Dave Plesh at the Viper Room Media Lounge during the Sunset Strip Music Festival in 2010


John Baumgartner of Xyzyx at the Roxy

The Count of Monte Cristo 87 copy

The Count of Monte Cristo performance at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton

IMG_4690_4631a copyWM

Promo shoot with David Rosales 4-8-15


Even though we discuss our other hobbies in this episode, we do have a finished project to share! My table runner is done! And was gifted this weekend to my in-laws. You can check out the post from Friday here.

My mom took these pictures for me to showcase her photography.

4thQuilt_1 4thQuilt_2 4thQuilt_3 4thQuilt_4 4thQuilt_6 4thQuilt

Hope you enjoyed listening!

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