Multi-Craftual Episode #91


Hello all our craft friends. Welcome to Hobbies Up To Here! My mom and I got the chance to sit down and chat about some crafts we’ve got our EYES on. Yup! Things we’d like to do in the future, things we wished we were trying out as we speak but we’re holding back due to a million little reasons (mostly because we already do so much).

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Adventures In 3D Sewing: The Paris Purse

There are soooo many wonderful bag and purse patterns available today. While at the Orange Quilt Bee a couple of years ago, I saw one I just had to have, and instantly had someone in mind to gift it to.

My daughter Jennifer’s birthday was coming up, and I didn’t want to give her the normal card with a check as a gift. This Susan Rooney Patterns Versatile Wave Interchangeable Purse by Ruthann Stilwell pattern was perfect!

I also wanted to look for fabric that was reflective of her, and if I could, something that would bring to mind a memory that she and I shared exclusively. She and I spent two weeks in Paris a few years ago, so that’s where my mind went. Now to find a fabric that reflected that!

Luckily, I had no problem in that regard. What I really liked about this pattern, was that it was actually two bags in one; a quilted faux leather clutch alone, or add the reversible outer shell, and it became a shoulder bag.

I did a simple straight line quilting pattern on the faux leather.  Easy peasy!


I added pockets to the lining of the purse with the faux leather.  I looove that print fabric!


This is a view of the finished “clutch” part of the purse.  I could have stopped there, but nope! Onto the outer, reversible shell!


Here’s the finished purse. I love the scalloped edge! The button helps to attach the shell, and adds interest.  The straps are detachable, so the clutch can be used independently.

This final photograph shows all three views;  the clutch, the reversible shell with the neutral fabric showing, and then that lovely Paris fabric!  And yes, that’s a photo of Jennifer and me when she was itsybitsy!

This was a fun project to make. It had been a long time since I’d inserted a zipper;  sewing with faux leather was a new experience, as well as adding the hardware;  I’m glad I tackled it. Jennifer was tickled with her custom birthday gift! Yay!

Enjoy your crafty day!


Sharing Our Favorites Episode #90


We’re still in celebration mode! It’s our 3rd anniversary and we’re partyin’ like we don’t have to get up the next day! And this episode is a list of some of our current favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, and books.

Here is a list of our favorite things right now. Check them out and share with us YOUR favorites!

Sewing: Podcasts
Sewing Out Loud – Mallory and Zede
Love To Sew – Helen and Caroline
Sewing: Books
Fit For Real People – Pati Palmer

Quilting: Podcasts
Off Kilter Quilt – Francis O’Roake Dowell
My Creative Corner 3 – Vicki Holloway
Lazy Daisy Quilts – Daisy Fredricks
Quilting: Books
It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book – Mary Ellen Hopkins
Quilting Made Vintage – Jera Brandvig
Christa Watson Quilting Books – Christa Watson
Quilting: YouTube Channels
Midnight Quilting Show – Angela Walters
Missouri Star Quilt Co – Jenny Doan
Fat Quarter Shop – Kimberly Jolly
The Quilt Codex – Zarkadia

Knitting: Podcasts
Craftish – Vickie Howell
Curious Handmade – Helen Stewart
Knitting: Books
Stitch ‘n Bitch – Debbie Stoller
Cables Untangles – Melissa Leapman
New Knits On The Block – Vickie Howell
Knitting: YouTube
Legacy Knitz – Chelsea and Sue
A Makers Pilgrimage – Aidan

Stitching: YouTube
Twisted Stitcher – Vonna Pfeiffer
Stitching: Podcast
Fiber Talk – Gary Par and Christine Williams

Katie’s Random Sh*t: Books
Love Her Wild – Atticus
Katie’s Random Sh*t: YouTube
GlamlifeGuru – Tati Westbrook
Rachhloves – Rachel Cooper
BeautyBroadcast – Emily Noel
Katie’s Random Sh*t: Podcasts
LeVar Burton Reads – LeVar Burton
Lore – Aaron Mahnke
Tales – Vanessa Richardson
Haunted Places – Greg Polcyn


Top 5 Hobbies Up To Here Posts of 2017

It’s been a rather quiet year here at Hobbies Up To Here. We’ve not quilted or crafted nearly as much as we’d have liked but so many other great things have happened: two new munchkins have joined the family, my brother got married, and many other great happenings blessed us.
Even if the blog has been quieter and our podcast episodes aren’t as frequent, we still love to join Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs to celebrate the top posts of the year! You can go back and check out 2015 and 2016 to see what our past top posts have been.
Alright, lets jump in and see what our top posts have been this year!
#5 Post With The Most Comments
My dad’s first attempt at a completed, quilted, and appliquéd project received the most comments in the 2017 year with 17 comments. I believe it was his enthusiasm and pride in the work he did that garnered so much positive attention!
#4 Post With The Most Likes
Both of these posts received 8 likes each bringing them both in at #4 on our list.
#3 Highest Viewed Podcast Episode
And it looks like our episode all about hacks to make crafting easier gets another top spot! With 326 views, this podcast episode takes it’s second place on our list.
#2 Jake’s Top Viewed Post
Each year I share at least one or two blog posts about Jake and his sewing attempts. Last year his Darth Vader finish took the top spot as the most viewed post of 2016. This year I decided to dedicate the #2 spot to his most viewed/liked post. And this year it is his finished block post with 624 views!
#1 Highest Viewed Post of 2017
Congrats to my mom for taking the top spot (AGAIN!) with a beautifully finished quilt!! Ironically enough, the first year she won this spot was with a quilt she gifted to my brother in 2015. This year she takes the top spot with yet another gifted quilt, my sister’s curved log cabin. That post clocked in with 836 views, our highest yet!!!
It’s a gorgeous quilt so definitely take a moment to check out that post and read all about it. Or just check out this adorable picture of my nephew Logan sitting on it! Ah forget it, I mean, who can concentrate on that quilt when there is such an precious little man sitting on it!!
From all of us at Hobbies Up To Here, we hope you’ve had a marvelous holiday season and that your new year starts of wonderfully!! Here’s to 2018!!!

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