TGIFF: Halloween Table Runner Sew Along

There is nothing like the satisfaction of a finished product!

This week we completed our month long Sew Along project and our table runners couldn’t have come out looking more different and more adorable than they did!

We had a nice chat last night on our podcast about what we enjoyed and what we didn’t, what we would leave as is and what we would change.

Overall, we loved our runners and how they turned out. Only a few small changes would be made.

Katie’s Binding

For me, my binding technique still needs to be refined. I’m not 100% happy with the way it came out so I feel that this is a skill I still need to improve upon even though I’ve bound multiple projects.

Dori experimented with the roll over binding from the backing and even played with a different styled stitch. It really gives the finished look a nice touch!

Dori’s Binding

Dori and both agree that appliqué is the shizz!! While Dori loves her pumpkins, she learned a few other techniques that she wants to incorporate in her next appliqué project. She’s even talking about hand stitching our appliquéd pieces. I’m good with the outcome and just need to continue practicing.

Dori’s Pumpkins


Katie’s Pumpkin

As for our free motion quilting… WELL… That’s a whole different story. While I like my end result, I know for certain I can use a lot of practice. I need to learn to BREATHE through my free motion quilting as I tend to hold my breath. And Dori also felt that her free motion needs some practice.

We both had the similar thought it wouldn’t be so difficult and yet when we got going, we both realized that it was tougher than we expected. What we both took away from this project is that we want to work on our free motion quilting because it’s definitely a technique that we like but need some major work on!

Katie’s FM Webs

More FM Webs

We both used a fabric pencil to draw in the straight lines and a few of the strains between but found that it was easier to just go with it after awhile instead of spending time drawing in every single line.

Dori’s FM Web

We both had a problem with nesting threads on the back of our runners though we tried different techniques. I know we need to tack down our quilting but my machine didn’t want to corporate with me and make it neat. So I have clusters of thread knots along the edges of my backing.

Katie’s Nests

Katie’s Finished Product

In the end we have a finished product ready to be placed out for everyone to see for Halloween! It’s been a learning experience but we got a lot out of it.

Doris Finished Product

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #18

It’s been two weeks TOO LONG but we’re back with episode #18!


What we learned from this episode is that we don’t do well with late night podcasting! This one goes off the rails a bit but hang with us and enjoy the wild ride!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! We do celebrate Halloween and we’re looking forward to the costume parties and parades and all those goodies!


Our Hobbies Up To Here Sew Along is all done! We’ll be posting the official finished products some time this weekend. For now, check back to watch our progress on our table runners for Halloween!

Week One
Week Two
Week Three

If you haven’t discovered Periscope yet, we highly suggest checking it out! It’s a free app that allows you to watch or broadcast live content and interact with your viewers at the same time. Dori and I both have discovered a love for Periscope.

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #17

Hey! It’s Friday! You know what that means…



Bring on da funk!

No not that kind!

The kind when you find yourself in a rut. How do you work through it? We talk about our issues with losing our creative mojo and how we work through when we just don’t want to!

Shout out to all my Periscoping ladies! There are so many of us tuning in once a week or so to chat about our quilting habits and hobbies. Check out the hashtag #honestcraftroomies on Instagram to join in the fun. If you’d like to participate check out Kitty at Night Quilter to be added to the schedule for the next hop!

And thanks to Christa at Christa Quilts and Gina at Gina Pina for popping on last night to participate in my evening scope from my craft room. And to Lorinda at Laurel and Pine for saying “Good morning!” before we started our podcast.

Our sew along is taking some hits as we find it harder and harder to make time to work on our runners. But we’re still aiming to finish before Halloween happens so we can display our hard work!


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Sew Along Week 3: Borders, Backing, and Quilting Galore!

A day late but never fear, we are here!!!

This week both of us had company in from out of town plus a lot of events going on so it was a weekend without sewing…EEKK!!!

That also meant no podcast this week and our Sew Along is a day late. BUT, we have an update and our next steps to begin wrapping up our table runners for Halloween.

Before going ahead, check out Week 1 and Week 2 first to see our process from the very beginning.

Don’t forget to check out our past podcast episodes if you haven’t already. We talk about all our hobbies and then some!

For week 2 we focused on our appliquéing. Our tops were done and we had an idea for our appliqué images but we both had very different ideas on placement and design. Which is what makes this whole project awesome. We each have similar  goals but will end up with different results.


We initially went with the original size from the link but realized as we went along that it’s actually a bit too small. So we amped up the size and made it bigger! Due to this being my first attempt at appliquéing I decided to leave out some of the smaller details and simply added a second leaf to my pumpkin. I also attached it to the center of my runner.

My mom chose to make TWO pumpkins, one on each end. Her thought is that she tends to place her decor right in the center of her runner so having the images on the ends would keep them visible and the table runner usable. Makes sense!

As you can see from our fabric choices below , we have some similar thoughts about fabric and color but we are VERY different. While we both chose to go with three colors and range from orange to yellow, I went with a deeper orange and made a wide jump to a lemony yellow at the center. My mom stayed closer in tone with her colors and her change from the darkest shade to lightest has less of a jump and more of a flow.

Mine (left) and my mom’s (right)

Test run

To make sure I didn’t screw up my whole runner, I was smart and took my time making a smaller pumpkin to do a test run with.  I was really happy with the outcome! I used a black thread and a blanket stitch to give my design a Frankenstein like appearance and I think it worked out well!

My finished project!

While I think overall I did a pretty good job, my tight corners and smaller spaces need some work! I couldn’t remember where the needle would land with the stitch so I would pivot incorrectly and it got a bit jumbled up on my leaves.

For my mom, she went a completely different direction. Using the same stitch, she actually changed out her thread and used a different color for each piece. She went with yellows and oranges that matched her fabric. So not only did she do TWO pumpkin, but she also had to change out her thread for each new fabric!

She even has a nice green for all of the smaller details and the leaves. Fabulous!

Now it’s time to start wrapping things up. Time for our week 3 steps!

Week 3 Instructions

  • Using your choice of multiple fabrics, cut 1 1/2 inch strips from one and 2 1/2 inch strips from another. Then, attach the smaller strips to the patchwork top followed by the larger strips around the outside.
  • Press and trim where needed.
  • Layer using the top with the borders attached, batting, then a backing of a new fabric or a previously used fabric. For a fold over binding that matches your backing fabric, make sure to leave 2-3 inches or more of the backing fabric extended beyond the end of your runner.
  • With basting pins or spray, adhere the three layers together, smoothing out as you go.
  • Quilt with your choice of pattern. Have a blast designing as you wish!

Week 4 we’ll trim the layers and get to binding. How we will bind our runners hasn’t been discussed but for now we’ll focus on layering everything together and getting that quilting finished.

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Sew Along Week 2: Time To Appliqué

Week 1 was a huge success! Not only did we both get our tops done in time but we also really liked how they came together. Nothing is worse than working hard on a project and not loving how it turns out!


My mom did add an extra row and my son did accidentally get a bloody nose while holding my runner, but all in all they came out great! If that is the worst of the issues we run into, then I’ll be happy!

Now we’re ready for week 2! Appliqué!

Through the wild world of Pinterest, we found our template for our pumpkin. Kathryn over at The Scrap Beach posted her layered pumpkin template and we fell in love with it.

We decided that we would appliqué before we added borders so that we wouldn’t have so much extra fabric to manipulate while sewing down our designs. For now that seems like a GREAT idea but we won’t really know until we’re done so make sure to check back and see how it worked out for us.


Using my mom’s homemade light table to trace and cut out out pumpkin appliqué pieces really helps to see through the designs and onto the appliqué paper, giving us more precision when tracing. My mom is a step ahead of me due to the supplies being handy in her work space so we were able to see that the pumpkins are a little too small.

Yeah…it’s cute but not quite what we are going for. With some elbow grease and lots of patience, we were able to enlarge them a bit using my mom’s  printer/copier. Now we have two sizes to work with if we choose.

My mom has her fabric all picked out with a sparkling orange as her biggest pieces, a lighter orange with some white and yellow texture to the second layer, and the top being a muted yellow.

Even though her colors look great and there is enough fabric for me to cut from it for my own pumpkins, I wasn’t sold on it. It just wasn’t ME.

Now these….THESE are very moi!

So together we went to Joann’s and I played with all the fabrics! I love fabric shopping. I’d rather shop at a quilt store, especially some of the smaller ones near us but sometimes Joann’s is all I can manage time wise (and cost wise). I was a little pressed for time so I had to skip the smaller mom and pop shops.

Smartly, my mom brought her runner with her pumpkin already ironed on. I was able to match the fabrics to her runner and sift through all the colors until I made my decision. I tend to walk into our local shop and take over this little workbench they have set up near the fabric section. I spread out all my choices and play with everything I think looks good.

And here they are!

In the end I went with simple patterns but a gradient change from dark orange to a light lemony yellow. Now for our plan!

Week 2 Instructions

  • Piece and trim runner top.
  • Choose three colors/patterns to layer for your pumpkin and two for your leaves/tendrils.
  • Using the template for the pumpkins (or your choice of picture) print and resize as needed.
  • Trace your picture onto paper backed fusible webbing.  We used Lite Steam-A-Seam2.  Remember that your traced image will be fused to the back of your fabric, so take note of the direction of the design and flip the image before tracing it, if needed.
  • Cut out the images on the fusible webbing with a bit of a margin around each piece.
  • Peel one side of the paper backing, and place sticky web side to the wrong side of your fabric.
  • Cut out each appliqué piece.
  • Apply to your runner, layering from the bottom to the top piece.
  • Then appliqué into place using thread and stitch of your choice.

Check back on Friday for our podcast when we dish on our experience for week 2 of our sew along. If you missed last week’s podcast, listen here and find out what worked and what didn’t.

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #16

It’s time for our favorite part of the week, Podcasting day!!!IMG_6544

Week 1 of our Sew Along is officially in the books and we have two amazing looking runners all ready to be appliquéd! Time to cut out our pumpkins and make some fabric decisions!

Me: Left Mom: Right

Love the way these came out. So fresh and bright! Very spooky and Halloween-y.

Now it’s time for  appliqué! We’ve realized our pumpkin appliqué is a bit small so we’re going to see if maybe we should make it 2-3 pumpkins per runner instead. Check back Sunday!

And here is a sneak peek at my head band DIY tutorial for my rummage crafting! Yes, rummage crafting! I’m making it a thing! Just rummage through what you have at home and make something with it. I’ll post the video to YouTube tonight or tomorrow so check our channel there to make your own Halloween scrappy headband!
A Quilted Passion

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WIP: Sew Along Table Runner

We love Halloween! So this past weekend we decided to start a Halloween craft together!

Using our Haunted Mansion charm pack by Moda, we planned it out together! You can check out our post here to see our layout and applique plans.

I had a good start this weekend due to some free time. Plus I knew that if I didn’t get a jump on it, my week would fill up fast with work. While my mom and I were able to work together a bit on our runners, we spent most of our time apart working separately.

This is my mom’s layout as she had it on her design wall. Pretty cute thus far! 

Later on she sent me a picture of her finished top! How quickly she worked!

Great job, mom! Our next step will begin this weekend when we design and layout our appliqué pumpkins!

Now for my runner….with a story.

My runner top was completed yesterday. I put a lot of the work in earlier in the week due to my hectic schedule of work and mom duties. I really wanted my runner to come out well so I took the time to square things up, press my seams open, and spray the snot out of it with fabric starch. It was looking great and I was super pleased with my finished product.

Then my son happened…

I told him to grab my runner so we could snap some shots for the blog today. He happily ran upstairs to get the runner and model like the goofball he is.

Then this happened.

Poor guy is prone to nose bleeds. He has them at night, in the morning, at school, while walking, talking, hell even when swimming. You name it, he’ll bleed.

While he was holding my runner, all perfectly pressed and immaculate, he suddenly exclaimed, “MOM! Bloody nose!” Of course this would happen right at the moment I have him hold my project I worked so hard on! Gah!!!

Lucky for me I have some Oxiclean handy for his nosebleeds.

I sprayed this stuff on all the spots and worked quickly to scratch out the blood spots on the runner. Oddly, it didn’t make a HUGE mess, it just happened to have dripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. Just a drop every couple of blocks down the whole way.


It’s now drying out on our patio. I just had to laugh. It’s been a rough week. We’ve had plumbing issues and I’ve had to deal with tension at work so my sewing was one of my joys that helped me get away from the bad things happening. So for it to get dirty with blood was just comical, in a Murphy’s Law kinda way.

I’m still proud of my work. It looks great and I’m ready to start the road to appliquéing my pumpkin on!

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Sew Along Week 1: Cutting and Piecing, HO!

This Fall Dori (aka Mom) and I decided to create a project that we could both work on together. We discussed what we wanted to gain from our project and which skills we wanted to work on so that by the end, when we had the finished product, we would feel like we improved in some areas and maybe learned a new skill, too!

Since we both love Fall and I have these great packs from Moda called Haunted Mansion by Sanae, we decided on a pattern and a sewing schedule so that we could work together or on our own. We even picked out a cute pumpkin applique to add a little extra practice in layering and adding some decoration to our project.

Using the charm pack, which has 42 mixed squares of a Halloween theme, we decided to make an alternating pattern like the one below.

Sew Along

We will cut each square in half then mix them up and sew two together to create a single square. Those pairs will then be trim down to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 in squares and attached to another square. A row will consist of four squares alternating from vertical to horizontal, like above.

Our whole table runner will run 4 squares x 9 squares. We will include two borders, a slim 1 1/2 in border followed by a thicker 2 1/2 in border to finish. We’ve even gone so far as to agree that our binding will match our backing!

Here is a sneak peek at the trimmed and ready squares waiting to be put into rows.

If you’d like to play along, we’re starting this week and checking in every Friday (podcasting day!) until October 30th when we will reveal what we have completed. The length of time for this project is so that we don’t abandon all of our other projects or our day to day chores/jobs. You can play along or just follow our progress here. On Instagram we’ve created our own hashtag #huthsewalong for easy progress monitoring.

Week 1 is cutting and piecing. We are aiming to be ready to with a completed top by the weekend of Oct 2nd. Week 2 and the next steps will be posted next Sunday.

Week 1 Instructions

  • To start, you’ll need 5×5 squares of any fabric or a charm pack to start. Having at least 32 squares should be enough but it never hurts to have a few more, just in case.
  • Cut all of these in half to 2 1/2 in x5 in strips.
  • Mix them up and sew all of the strips into pairs.
  • Press open the seams then trim the squares to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 in squares.
  • Then, alternating the squares between vertical and horizontal, sew a row of four squares.
  • Create nine rows then sew them all together to create a completed top.

We’ll share our progress during next week’s podcast. Don’t forget to the check back each week to see how our individual runners are coming along!

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