Quilter’s Confession: Most Disliked! Episode #74

Get ready for a laugh-fest, hobbyists and crafters!
Because this episode is a real doozy!

And you can’t say we didn’t warn ya!!

We have some great shows and podcasts to share with you. These are the things we are listening to and watching while we craft away!

We may not be quilting much these days but it’s still a favorite hobby of ours. Sharing our concerns or frustrations together can really help us know our intentions and also where we need to work a little harder on our interests. That’s what friendship and quilting buddies are for!

Hobbies Up To Here: Episode #1

Hello friends and fellow crafting fanatics!

After years of running In Stitches! as a primarily quilting site, I’ve joined forces with another crafter, my mom, and we’ve created our new site Hobbies Up To Here!

Along with posting our current addictions, I mean hobbies, we’ve also starting recording a podcast to accompany our posts.

If you like to stitch, sew, craft with papers, or enjoy any kind of hands-on hobbies, then tune in a listen as we share our interests and what we learn along the way!


We hope you enjoy listening. Check back in to see what we are up to!

Check out some of our past projects like my finished Old Yeller project.


Or peek in on our works in progress like my mom’s current cross stitch pattern.


Until next time, keep crafting!