Monday Musings: Team Mom Duties!

My son is a very active kid. He needs something to do or he drives us nutty. We’ve been very fortunate that not only does he LOVE soccer but he’s also very good at it. So, every season we sign him up if he’s interested (and he always is).


Fall 2012


This year is no different. We tried baseball in Spring and that was a no-go. Too slow and just not a sport he was strong in. But we finished out the season and celebrated together with all the players. He had a good time even if it turned out not to be a sport he was interested in.

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Now in Fall, we are signed up for soccer. YAY SOCCER! We’re big soccer fans. My husband and I both played as kids and I even coached a season. As an adult I played in college on a woman’s team. Soccer is in our blood.

The only difference this year is that I’ve signed up as a co-team mom. Oi vey…

Ok so it was totally my choice. I saw an email come through asking for help. Without a team parent at the first meeting, we wouldn’t be able to pick up our uniforms. So I signed up. Luckily, for me, another mom had done the same thing so I’m going at this alone.

Once I got past the shock that I had gone and tied myself up with duties for the team when I already feel overwhelmed with work and home stuff and being a mom/wife full time, I got down to planning things out and getting myself ready to be the face and the voice of my parents and players.

Then came the meet-up with my partner in crime. I was nervous, as would anyone be meeting a new person the first time. But I was doubly nervous because I knew we’d need to work together so I could only hope that the other team mom and I would get along. And we did!!! We hit it right off when we both noted we wanted to hand make the banner (YEHAW!) and when she arrived at my house, we both worked together really well. It was a better meeting than I could have imagined. I have a feeling this season will go smoothly with both of us co-piloting this whole endeavor!

Now for the team banner. This year our region is asking for handmade banner as opposed to the vinyl banners that have been populating our fields. Nothing wrong with them, honestly. They can look really cool. But it costs a good penny for a team to get a banner made (between $85-$100). So they are pricey. Plus, this year our directors have planned a whole opening day with a banner parade and games and food, like a big field day. So the new request is for more authentic handmade banners.

Guess what? I just happen to be handy with a machine and hot glue!!! YAY FOR CRAFTINESS!!!

While my initial reaction was “What have I done?!?!” to signing up, I’m now starting to look forward to it!

Alright, today is a big day. I mentioned on my little tote bag post that I’ve applied to return to teaching as a substitute after working for 7 years in the office of my family business. After filling in TONS of paperwork, getting a TB test and the results, tracking down forms and fingerprint scans, I turned in my applications. Then I waited… And waited. I took over 4 weeks to hear anything back. But as of last week, I received an invite to come in for an interview. Crossing fingers I do well (I think I am better in person than on paper).

Honestly, I can’t say how I’m feeling about all this. Leaving my job to start teaching again has been a dream for years. But now that the option is here, I’m terrified. For now I’m taking it a moment at a time and dealing with the feelings that come with all the change.

I’ve got a few projects in the works right now. I did a Friday Night Sew-In last week and made some big progress on my Peaceful Planet quilt. I’ve unearthed a lot of UFOs/WIPs that I can work through! So I’m not hurting for something to do!

Happy Monday all! Come on back through the week and see what I’ve got cooking’ up. See you all around the web this week!

Side Stitches: Kids Apron

Ok, let’s be honest here, I have an extremely wild case of sewing ADD. I start things and never finish them. I have a list a mile long of projects I’ve started but haven’t completed or projects I’d like to start. Most of them are in a corner, collecting dust as we speak.

Maybe I just need to create a wish list! A list of things I wish to do when I get around to having the time.

I’m currently in the process of re-purposing my crafty corner. My son was taken down by a flu bug for a weekend and I took advantage of that time off to clean and weed out unnecessary items in my house. I’m not done yet but it was a good start.

So to add to my never ending list of things I’d wish to start, finish or consider doing in my future clean crafty corner, I’m adding an apron project.

My son loves to pretend. He’s been a dragon, a pirate, a firefighter, and a karate kid. You name it, he’s dressed up as it just to go grocery shopping. Recently, he informed me he would like to grow up and be a chef.

Now his past dream jobs have been (in no particular order) Bob The Builder, a zoologist, a veterinarian, a paleontologist,  and a dragon. While these are all still options in his opinion, chef has taken the top spot and he’s determined to learn to cook.

Tonight he’ll help me make Meatball and Spaghetti Soup from our favorite recipe site, Skinny Taste. We love this site and have a number of successful meals thanks to the simple and healthy recipes shared here.

And I figured why not re-purpose some of my material and make him a little apron? I was originally going to use this dragon material for a DIY lunch baggie project since he loved dragons and it seemed like a fun project. But that never was actualized and is still on my wish list of projects to-do.

So I went on the hunt today and found a simple apron pattern so I can consider using his dragon material for an apron if I actually turn on my machine and finish a damn project. And this Classic Apron pattern I found makes it seem like a piece of cake.

Some material I found for my little dragon

Will I end up doing this? Not sure but it’s another project on my To-Do Wish List. I’d like to think that I will one day accomplish one of my many side projects or even one of my larger quilting projects.

Either way I like to dream.

Add another one to my wish list and cross your fingers I get around to starting something crafty soon!