TGIFF: The Marvel Quilt

It’s official, my friends. Jake’s Marvel quilt is done! I had been working on this project for 3 years and my son had lately been asking kindly when it would be finished. He wanted a quilt he could use while he could still fit under it.

I’ve been about 85% of the way done for a few weeks with only the last bits of quilting to be done. I started the quilting a little off centered (totally meant to do that….) and I did a simple straight line in a the shape of a square to quilt it down. I used my walking foot and just kept it simple. Due to the off-centering of my square (that I MEANT to do….), I had to improvise as I came around to that last bit of quilting.

But I ran into a few problems that I just couldn’t see my way through.

Then my friend came over for a quilting date and she really helped me solve the issues I was having with the project. She helped me find solutions that got me out of the corner I had backed myself into. I helped me get excited as the light at the end of the tunnel suddenly became brighter.

So I used the motivation from my friend’s visit to get the work done. I squared it up, trimmed the excess, and proceeded to make the binding from the left over backing fabric. I figured this WOW, POW, WOOZE fabric would tie it all together nicely.

I made MORE than enough binding, just in case….IMG_3218

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Then I sat down and attached it. All the quilting was done in red thread so I continued to use it on the binding. I figured if I messed up anything, it wouldn’t stand out so much when the thread is all the same color.


Normally I hand bind but it’s been hellishly hot and having that much fabric draped over me was uncomfortable enough so I decided to bind with my machine instead. It worked out fine and got the job done fast.


As quickly as the dream had come to me for this block, suddenly I was done! I don’t know what was holding me back for so long because once I got it in me to finish, it just rolled around and was done!


So the problem I had was with the backing. My solid blue fabric was was just NOT big enough and after many trips to the store to buy more fabric and MORE FABRIC every time I ran out of something, I did not want to go back! So using what I had, I made panels on the sides to frame the blue backing. But that made the backing too BIG! It was a battle I was losing.

The decision then was to trim it down to a single panel on one side and leave it. But as I started to quilt, I realized a bottom square was starting to unravel. I couldn’t leave it and quilting it wouldn’t be enough to hold it together so I decided to take it out and replace it with another block that was holding together much better. But that decision made a mess of the bottom row and caused it to shift. Now my backing wasn’t lining up and trimming it would mean losing some of the borders…..GAH!!!!

It was my friend’s eye that helped me. She suggested I just take that same “word” fabric (WOW,  POW, WOOZE) and add a strip to the bottom at the back so that it lined up. And it worked perfectly!


What can I say! My son loves his quilt! He’s already slept with it a few nights and he’s excited for it to soften up with use.


And I can proudly say that I officially made him a quilt long before he out grew it! YAY!!

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Hello 2018! Episode #83

Hello to 2018!
Here at Hobbies Up To Here we hope your new year has started on a positive note and that you enjoy this new episode!

For all pictures mentioned in this episode, check out our Instagram account!

Will you be at Road to California? How about QuiltCon? Let us know in the comments!

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2017 WIP List 

A big part of a quilter’s life is half-done projects, partially started quilts, and almost completed gifts. What can I say, it’s a BIG part of our culture.

It could be that new fabrics and patterns are coming out all the time and something new will catch our eye and we feel it call to us. Or may we can get a little bored with our current WIPs and just feel the need to start fresh, something different.

This year, after watching The Minimalist with my husband, I got the itch to pull out all my WIP and UFO quilts and make it a point to wrap them up. To keep myself accountable to this goal of mine, I’m listing these quilts here and I plan to revisit the list each month.

#1: The Friendship Quilt (for my husband)

This quilt goes WAY back. Like summer of 2015 WAY BACK. The kit was a gift to me from my parents. When I pulled it out and started cutting it, my husband liked the look of the batik fabrics and the earth colors. So I deemed it to be his.

I finished the top and bought the batting and backing for 25% from my local quilt shop, The Orange Quilt Bee. Then I decided to go with a free motion wood grain pattern for the quilting. That seemed like an awesome idea in the beginning and so far it’s looking beautiful but I ran into a few issues. Firstly, it’s going to take me FOREVER to quilt the full sized quilt on my own. I’m wishing now I would have picked a simpler pattern or sent it out to be done.

Then I found a fold in the backing that was too big to leave alone. I mean I could have just kept going but I wouldn’t have been happy leaving such a glaring mistake. So this quilt lingered for a LONG time just sitting there while I avoided the task of taking out the stitches to fix it. Finally, over winter break, I finally got around to fixing the problem and I’m ready to start quilting again.

This quilt is the furthest along in the process of getting finished.

#2: My CIRCA Quilt

I don’t know many quilters that quilt for themselves. So many of our projects are for others and we are often left to say goodbye to many of our beautiful finishes. Not this one…

This one is for me!

I love this CIRCA kit and I fell even more in love with it when I framed it in cream and black borders. It’s also been a long time in progress, another 2015 start. The top has been long done but I really stalled on the backing. I needed to sew together two red pieces and then frame them in the same black as the top. But, for some reason I just couldn’t get myself motivated to do any of that.

Again, over the winter break, I got the itch to start wrapping these projects up so I pulled this top out and finished piecing together the back. All I need now is my batting and to baste it together. The quilting on this will be simple, just simple squares and straight lines. Maybe even a little stitch in the ditch.

With the Friendship quilt being so complex, I’m happy to keep this quilting simple. and straight forward.

#3 Marvel Quilt (for Jake)

Oh man, this is a definite UFO. This project is for Jake and was started a long, long time ago. It’s going on 3 years now and it’s started and stopped me so many times. First, everything needed to be cut. There were NO pre-cuts for me to work with so I was stuck cutting everything myself.

Then, I decided to do my own block. Yeah, this decision is really holding me back because of the process of piecing together isn’t smooth and it’s time consuming. Had I gone with a block that had a pattern already created I may have moved faster to complete them but as it stands, I’m still making the blocks and I may soon run out of my sashing material. Yikes…

I have two rows completed and on my design wall but I have six more to go. I’m aiming for eight rows of six blocks, giving me a full sized quilt for my growing boy.

#4: Puzzle Box Quilt

Over the span of 2015, we made a lot of new friendships both online and off line. We also connected with other quilts that we happily learned from and shared with. In that time, we got to know Christa Watson, both as a friend and a fellow quilter. She puts out some amazing tutorials and information for quilting at home and I decided to join her website. In doing so I received a free pattern.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.03.24 PM

Seeing the pattern and knowing that I had a jelly roll made for this pattern, I starting cutting for it. It’s a project that stays at my mom’s house so it rarely see the light of day. But it definitely needs to be put on this list so that it gets some much needed attention. I’m still cutting away at it and this year I plan to get further along!

Four projects, all at different points of finish. I’m quilting, basting, piecing, and cutting my little heart out with the intention of finishing some or all of these projects this year.

What are YOUR 2017 WIPs or UFOs?

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Quilting in My Dreams

I have very vibrant dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so intense I wake up from my husband gently shaking me because I’m moaning and crying in my sleep. Well, those ones aren’t really dreams as much as they are nightmares, but you get the picture.

I’ve never struggled with remembering my dreams because they stick with me no matter how I sleep. Rarely does a night go by without some odd images floating through my brain while I’m passed out all cozy in my bed.

Recently, I woke up from a dream that really stuck with me. In it, I imagined working on Jake’s Marvel Quilt, a project I hadn’t touched in months. I had all the squares cut but nothing else done and I was stuck on how to go forward. How did I want to finish my blocks?

I knew they needed borders and while I had an original plan already in mind, in my dream I saw a different way to go about it.


This was my original plan. Border opposite sides with the same color in the first round then switching the colors and making thicker borders the second round. But in my dream I saw one color in opposite corners then switching those to the other corner.

After getting up with this new idea in my head, I had to sew. I got all my chores done then headed to my mom’s house to work. I even managed to film a bit of my thoughts and process through the day!

In the end I came up with this!

Not bad!

After making this initial block, I put it aside for a few days then resumed work. It’s a bit tedious, this process, but I like the way the blocks come out. Bright, vibrant, and a little different.

So far I have four blocks cut and started: one completed (above) and three in progress. In the end each block comes out to 10-10.5 inches squared, depending on how closely my cuts are.

It’s definitely a messy undertaking as I have to sew, press, cut for each row making this an extremely tedious process. While I’m glad to have movement on it, I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of ALL THOSE BLOCKS I’ll need to make to complete a proper quilt for my son.

Along with my CIRCA 1934 quilt, my Playful Colors quilt, and the Friendship quilt, all of which are in progress in different stages here and there, I’m adding to the pile this Avengers Heroes quilt, too. The diverse projects I have going really gives me a lot to do and to work on without feeling like I have to stick to just one at a time.

WIP: The Marvel Quilt

A while back I made a discovery; my son is growing up super fast and is more like a little man than a little boy.

I made him a quilt recently that took way longer to finish than I had planned.


By the time I was finished, he had outgrown both the fabric choice and the size. So it was time to upgrade him.

We picked out some cool big guy fabric of his favorite Marvel characters and I stashed it away for a time. I was waiting for some other projects to wrap up and for the time to be right.

Well, just as with having a baby or buying a house, the time is never perfect or right so you just gotta go with it!

This week I started his Marvel Quilt by cutting out all the superhero center squares. I’m going to border these with some stark primary colors like blue and red.


Kinds like this!

So far I have 43 squares cut and I’ve run out of fabric. DAMN! Looks like I’ll need to make a trip to JoAnns soon to grab another cut of this fabric so I can stay consistent with the center squares.


The Hulk sees you!


A trio of good guys.


Got a good cut of Marvel comics.


Got a little Silver Surfer in that cut.


Thor’s swinging’ his hammer.


The kidlet got in on the action and helped me show off some of the squares. Asking him to hold still AND be serious was of course too much. He was a good sport.


He even ironed the squares! I was pretty impressed. He’s usually not comfortable around things that can hurt him like the rotary cutter or the stove. Understandably so, anything can happen. But he ironed like a pro and we got 43 squares cut and pressed.


Check back to see my progress. I don’t have a time limit for this quilt so of course it could take me until he’s getting married to finish the damn thing, ha.

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpgSew Fresh Quilts

Hobbies Up To Here: Episode #3

We’re back this week with our third episode.


We talk about making a mess, cooking off the cuff, social sewing, and organizing your craft room.

This week’s posts include these beautiful quilted squares for her current WIP.


Dori shared her ideas and wishes for a dream craft room.

Thanks to Janine at Life of Janine and Creature Comfort Quilts for adding to our conversation about a dream craft room.

The affordable table suggested to us can be found here at Leah Day.


Our cooking this week has been flavored by Flavor God seasonings. Super happy with what we’ve used so far. Highly recommend their sampler pack.


Here is a preview of my work in progress, the Marvel Quilt.

Avengers ASSEMBLE!

I’ve been on a quilting roll lately, finishing up older projects or starting new ones and sticking with it till they are done. So much so I actually allowed myself some fabric shopping for a future project.

After my son’s quilt was done, my husband pointed out that a) it was too small and b) it was a little on the babyish side. He said it with the sincerest of tones and I didn’t even take it personally. I saw what he meant. What started as a quilt for a little guy ended up a quilt for a much taller and older guy. A little man who is into Transformers and comic books.

My husband suggested I look into fabric that would suit my son’s interests currently. I agreed. He deserved a quilt that not only fit him but also his age. After thinking on it some time and knowing Joann’s has a sale going right now, I convinced my son to hoof it over to the store and show him what they had. I had already scoped out the character fabrics for my own possible project. I spotted the Batman fabric for myself but I knew my son would LOVE the Avengers when he saw them.

My son ogled and ahhhhhed all the different Avengers fabrics they had in stock. Along with these, they also had Spiderman, Superman, and even Star Wars. In the end we picked up these two Marvel fabrics, one with the characters in action and the other a handful of comic book covers. I’m seeing a quilt with windows of fussy cut squares, bordered by the red, and blue with the yellow as the binding. My son loved the idea of having a blanket he could read!


A few aisles down I found this great fabric with the thought bubbles and all the action words used by many of our fearless heroes. How great is this? I bought enough of this for the back of the fabric although I’m not set in my ways. I definitely have room to wiggle in while I set down how I want it to look. For now this is what I have in mind.


Don’t Mind The Horrible Rendering

I bet there is a name to this pattern that I don’t know. I just like that it looks like the superheroes are framed in action!

Now I have all the bits I need to start and even some black if I need to add to anything, but I won’t begin this quilt any time time soon! I plan to finished a few other projects first and then maybe take a bit of a break to go through my crafting room and reorganize. With all the projects I’ve got going right now, things are a bit messy and I’ve got team-mom duties that start this week so my time will really be divided until Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, here we are dressed as the Avengers a couple of years back. Not only is our little guy a comic book fan, so are we.

95A0D64E-BACB-4159-9D1C-8793F84531B9-4644-000001581651B5B5 photo 95A0D64E-BACB-4159-9D1C-8793F84531B9-4644-000001581651B5B5-1.jpg

This reminds me, it’s time to start thinking of our costumes for this year. Hummm…..
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