The Nudy and Circa Stash

While I may not be sewing much these days, I am still working on adding to my fabric stash so lovingly stored in the corner of my craft room. I’m always keeping an eye out for new bundles and sets to fill those color gaps here and there.

So even though my son’s quilt is still hanging out in the middle of my room, undone and about 85% of the way finished, I’m buying new bits and babbles to build up my stash. Maybe it’s some subconscious way to get me into my craft room where I’ll be reminded that “HEY!! You have some projects that need to be finished!!!”

Or maybe it’s my way of continuing to avoid all these half-done quilts and side projects lying around.

Either way, I pulled together some nice little additions to my growing collection of unused fabric waiting their turn to become something bigger. This here is a layer cake for Moda called Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket. I like the vintage feel and the neutral colors with that punch of red.

Then I went ahead and picked up these bundles by Robert Kaufman to fill in any neutral or solid gaps in my rather expanding collection. I love these bundles of gradient colors and find it really hard to pull them apart. But I have and I will once I get in mind what I want to do with them.

I have a book in my collection my mom passed on to me years ago called It’s Okay If You Sit On My Quilt. It’s by Mary Ellen Hopkins and I have used it before. Now I felt that while the book made the steps simple to sew together two fat quarter cuts of fabric and create little squares in an easy manner, the squares were too small for me to work with in my beginner stages. But I’m starting to feel the pull with these bundles to pair the individual pieces up and sew them together so that I can make a quilt using her patterns.

We’ll see… I have so many works in progress that I feel slightly stupid to even consider a new one.

But it can’t hurt, right?


Just Starting: My Quilt


I’ve decided it’s time.

Time to start a quilt just for me.

So far I’ve finished 3 quilts with a 4th in the final stages. All those quilts were for someone else or to be given away as gifts. All the work that goes into a quilt, the time and effort and love have been overwhelmingly peaceful and I’ve enjoyed it, even in the toughest moments.

But every quilter needs to, at some point, make a quilt for themselves. This quilt will have no timeline, no deadline and no need to be speedily raced through. I can pick it up, put it down, mull over it and sew until my heart is content because this one is for me.

Dragonfly Summer

First, I picked my fabric. I LOVE Moda and found this fabulous dual set called Dragonfly Summer. It’s mostly browns, purples and greens. Very whimsical and woodsy. Looking at this material makes me feel like I’m in a romantic novel where there is magic and faeries in the woods out back.

Then I thought about trying something new. So I picked up some apple core templates to cut my pieces out with. I think I’ll go with the smaller one and play with it from there. That bigger one is very cool though and I look forward to making a kids or baby quilt with it. Or maybe a lap quilt.

Apple Cores

I don’t plan to start soon but having this posted and seeing what I have to work with has given me inspiration to finish some older projects still waiting in the wings. I play to get started on this project once I get my table runner and Jake’s quilt done. And I think I’m going to splurge and get this quilt done at a quilt shop. Have someone do the quilting with a long arm and give it a little flare.

Beginning of a Stash




All the things one thinks about when building a stash.

I’m a novice quilter. I’ve only been at it some 5 odd years.

But in that time I’d started and stopped projects. I’ve tried new things and quickly lost interested. I’ve birthed a child and ended or started a relationship in between.

So my stash has been sorely neglected.

What is a stash? Well, it’s like pirate booty. A storage of material waiting to be used.

Since learning about charm packs, jelly roles, honey buns and layer cakes, I’ve started collecting them. There are so many different sets and I can see a use for them all. It’s nice to know, too, that the stress of cutting is taken care of.

I’m a horrible cutter. Couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life.

With these pre-cut kits, the hardest part is done for me. So I just start laying out my pieces and stitch them together and VOILA!

A quilt is born.