Hobbies Up To Here Episode #30

The episode you’ve all been waiting for is finally here.
Our 30th!! The big 3-0!
And it’s a very special episode, too!
Not only did we celebrate our 30th episode but we did it in style; QuiltCon style!

This year QuiltCon was held in Pasadena, CA, a city only an hour north of us so we decided to take advantage of this opportunity (especially since it was literally in our backyard) and go to our first convention.

Ready to go!


We also took our podcasting gear, our cameras, and all of our Hobbies Up To Here goodies. We passed out our cards and proudly wore our tee-shirts emblazoned with our logo and names.


One of the many winning quilts



Words to live by


It was an awesome weekend, one I wished never ended but as with all things good and bad, it had to come to a conclusion. 


Crafty Gemini showing off her ruler

Visiting the vendors



Ready for Gwen Marston


Next year QuiltCon 2017 will be held in Savanah, Georgia and we’ve half a mind to go. Maybe, sorta. Ok we kinda want to go but haven’t decided completely if we will make the trip out there.

Either way our first QuiltCon was a huge success and we are so grateful to all of the Modern Quilt Guild for putting on this amazing event. 

Till next year!

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