TGIFF: My Circa Quilt

This past week and I was able to sit down and wrap up another quilt! My Circa quilt was started in May of 2015. I used a Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial on their YouTube channel called the Double Sliced Layer Cake. It was a really simple pattern and made for a really dynamic top.

The Circa layer cake has a really vintage feel to it with the muted colors and the pops of red. So I chose to frame this top with off-white and black to give it a clean finish.

I’m super excited about this quilt because it’s MINE! The first one I’ve made just for me. It’s what I would look like if I was a quilt!


I used an Aurifil red thread* to quilt the top in a geometric pattern of boxes. It’s a very tightly quilted top so when washed, it scrunches up really nicely.


I matched the red in the quilt with a red backing framed again by black. Right before I started binding, I did run a quick black straight stitch throughout the border to tack it down.


Now it’s been washed and dried and has the cozy, cuddly look. I still have some threads to bury (as is evidence in the above photo). This quilting pattern took A LOT of thread so there was a lot of stopping and starting. I need to get out my Sench needles to finish up that last step for this beauty.


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Just Starting: My Quilt


I’ve decided it’s time.

Time to start a quilt just for me.

So far I’ve finished 3 quilts with a 4th in the final stages. All those quilts were for someone else or to be given away as gifts. All the work that goes into a quilt, the time and effort and love have been overwhelmingly peaceful and I’ve enjoyed it, even in the toughest moments.

But every quilter needs to, at some point, make a quilt for themselves. This quilt will have no timeline, no deadline and no need to be speedily raced through. I can pick it up, put it down, mull over it and sew until my heart is content because this one is for me.

Dragonfly Summer

First, I picked my fabric. I LOVE Moda and found this fabulous dual set called Dragonfly Summer. It’s mostly browns, purples and greens. Very whimsical and woodsy. Looking at this material makes me feel like I’m in a romantic novel where there is magic and faeries in the woods out back.

Then I thought about trying something new. So I picked up some apple core templates to cut my pieces out with. I think I’ll go with the smaller one and play with it from there. That bigger one is very cool though and I look forward to making a kids or baby quilt with it. Or maybe a lap quilt.

Apple Cores

I don’t plan to start soon but having this posted and seeing what I have to work with has given me inspiration to finish some older projects still waiting in the wings. I play to get started on this project once I get my table runner and Jake’s quilt done. And I think I’m going to splurge and get this quilt done at a quilt shop. Have someone do the quilting with a long arm and give it a little flare.