Hobbies Up To Here Episode #48

Soooooo…..this post is a little bit late. I mean, not really because we tend to post on Fridays. BUT….this was recorded Monday and somehow I was technically challenged all week.

Any who… Time for the show!


Dori finished her Twisted Pinwheel quilt! It came out beautifully!

Check out her full blog post here!

Her finished quilt brought us our topic this week: to finish or not to finish, and how? Some of us are really great at starting something and working on it all the way till the final touch is added.

Others, like me, struggle to finish up most of the projects laying around listlessly in our craft rooms. In this episode, we talk about finishing a quilt and the ups and downs along the way!

This week we give a shout out to Leah for her great email and support. She had LOTS to share about local groups and guilds that we could join. You can check out her crafty and creative Instagram here.

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