Weekend Update: Arrrgh!!!

Arrgh, we be pirates, ahoy!!!

Well, sort of.

So our weeks are kinda blah. I work and my son goes to school. Then we go home, battle through homework and laundry while trying to fit in some time to go to the gym or for my son to fly around on his little scooter with the neighbor kids.

Then it’s bed time with a story, lots of kisses and tons of hugs. After that, I retreat to my room to sew or read.

For those reading nights

Or neither. Sometimes I just zone out to the gentle glow of my computer screen while I read blogs or Facebook with friends.

Then Friday comes and the countdown is on! From Friday night till late Sunday we are GO GO GO! Never stopping and constantly busy!! This weekend was like any other, with plans and dates up the wahzoo.

First was a brunch at Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel. My grandmother was recovering from a surgery around the time of my son’s birthday in February so we celebrated this weekend with a brunch and characters followed by a movie.

The rush and the whirl of the crowd at Downtown Disney kinda got the The Guy and me ready for the rest of the evening jostling through bodies in some LA clubs for a friend’s birthday celebration. Man do those little clubs get very warm, very fast!

Luckily, Sunday’s plans were later in the afternoon so we started up slow and took our time starting our day. There is nothing like a slow Sunday morning when breakfast is a main concern and pajamas are the main attire. Especially when spent with the G-Unit in their beautiful yard on a warm morning. Ahhh…bliss.

In the afternoon we had a first time event for all of us. Joining our very good friends, The Guy, my son and I went to a Pirate Show for lunch. Since then, it’s been nothing but pirates. Even pirate costumes.


Today was the beginning of my week vacation. Or better yet, our staycation since I booked us up with lots of appointments so we couldn’t get away this time around. Next time I take a week off, I’ll manage to make some time to get away.

I did manage to get in some baking, another hobby of mine. Today we tried strawberry vanilla muffins. They are heavenly! And, like I had thought no sewing has been done. Because I knew this would happen, I participated in my first Friday Night Sew-In and got some big progress under my belt on Jake’s quilt. So I don’t feel so bad that I haven’t touched any sewing since then.

Now to hop around the blog-o-sphere and visit some fellow FNSI friends and see how they did Friday night.