TGIFF: Playful Colors Quilt Done!

I started this quilt some time ago in 2014. It was a a random sewing project I just started on a boring afternoon to keep busy.

IMG_1225 IMG_1224

It was bright and cheerful and was making me happy just piecing the fabrics together. All the bright pops of color against the random browns and mellow greens. I didn’t know what I would end up doing with this blanket, but went with it!

As of this week, I finished! I put the last stitch into the binding Wednesday night and I couldn’t have been happier. The whole project came together beautifully and it’s such a happy quilt.


Then I took a risk and washed it. I ran it through a delicate cold wash and dried it on low just to give it some freshness. What came out of my machine is a cozy and sweet blanket that I can see myself cuddling up under when the weather turns cooler.


I love the quilted squares, they really have a rough feeling that gives the blanket texture.




It comes out as almost a perfect square and a bit smaller than a full sized quilt. It’s not quite a lap quilt so it falls somewhere in between.


The sashing also worked as my binding and I think it ties everything together so well. I didn’t love my job on the binding, I definitely think I can improve upon my hand sewing techniques. It’s definitely on my list of things to work on!




I admitted to my mom that wrapped the blanket up and taking pictures of the binding is my FAVORITE shot to take on a finished product. I can’t say why! But there is something satisfying to see my work all wrapped up and layered in such a way!


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WIP: Binding the Playful Colors Quilt

I’m there!! I’m sooooo close!

I started the Playful Colors quilt on a whim. It was just something to do with a charm pack of crazy colors. It slowly grew into something that involved patches, sashing then borders. Slowly this whimsy of a project turned into a full blown blanket that is now on the verge of being done.

You can check out the vlog I made showing the sandwiching of my quilt. Thank goodness for smooth floors!

As of today, I’m officially binding it! WOOHOO!!! I started hand stitching my binding on this weekend after I butchered the quilt to near demolition. My binding didn’t attach properly and I took a short cut that ended up making a mess of everything. Still bummed about that but it’s working out ok as is.

I really like the way the quilting came out.


I did a simple wonky square inside every other patch. I used a gradient yellow-green thread on top and a solid green thread in the bobbin and that came out perfectly.

Now I’ve got my Wonder Clips in place holding my binding in place. I tend to stitch while my husband plays video games or watched football. That way we’re still hanging out yet I can wrap this project up at the same time.

My mitered corners are a bit of a mess due to the issues I had with the binding going on in the first place. But I’m happy to see this quilt wrapping up!

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Hobbies Up To Here Episode #13


Well hobbyists and crafters, episode #13 is here and we give nothing but updates! Updates on projects, what’s new in life, how we’re doing with our healthy lifestyle choices, how school and work are going. You name it, we talk about it!!

It’s updates and fluff!

The Playful Colors Quilt is layered and ready to be quilted!



Dori got herself a new machine! The Baby Lock Aria!


And she’s got some great new fabrics to play with from Twisted Cedar Studios.

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WIP: Sew Day

Today my mom and I got together at her house to spend the morning sewing together. Some states have “snow days”, we have Sew Days!

The set up was in her spacious kitchen with two ironing stations and both of our machines. We had cutting stations on the island and lots of room to move around and get stuff done!

 I decided to work on my Playful Colors quilt top. I’m missing the fifth square so I’ve had to adjust my pattern. Instead of five squares with four filler squares, I’m using the remaining four and sashing them together. 
At first I was worried my fabrics would clash and be too busy but as I pieced it together it started really looking good. I’m happy with the stripes and how well they pull all the other crazy fabrics together.

My mom chose to work on her QAYG pattern. I’m super proud of her for working through this no matter what. She found one mistake and is working through some pretty bulky binding but she’s not given up yet!!!

She’s super close to wrapping this thing up! And I’m only a few sew days away from finishing too. We’re planning another sew day AND making time to podcast.
 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
Sew Fresh Quilts


WIP: Playful Colors Quilt

This past Friday, I wrapped up my Old Yeller quilt! Yay! 12 years in the making and it’s finally complete!

So I’ve moved on to my next WIP, my Playful Colors Quilts. This was a random combination of squares from a Moda charm pack called Lollipop. It kinda kooky and reminds me a bit of the 70’s and early 80’s.

Like tossing some pick-up-sticks into the air and then playing a game with them, I literally have no plans for this pack. I just sewed them together, willy-nilly and let things organically work their way together.

I have sewn myself into a corner a little bit. Finding a way to bind it all together with a common fabric is a little tough. But I picked up a swatch of this yellow and red polka dotted fabric I had from another project and I tossed it next to my panels. Low and behold, it kinda works!

It’s a bit loud and might even be a bit obnoxious but this seems like a good match up. With the red in these squares being more rusty than vibrant, I think the mellow yellow hue with the red dots will work fine next to all of the squares.

I showed this to my mom when we got together to record our first Hobbies Up To Here podcast and she even agreed that it works. This was a big step for her as she tends to like more traditional colors and patterns. I was thankful for her eyes.

If you missed it, we’ve started a new podcast and renamed this here blog from In Stitches! to Hobbies Up To Here! Check out our first podcast and check back in for weekly updates!


Hobbies Up To Here: Episode #1

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