Something for Our Stash!

Oh goodness, how I love getting new fabric. Whether it’s bought, gifted, or won through a drawing, new fabric makes me happy. It’s like a soft rainbow on a warm sunny day.

New fabric is, to me, a sign of new things to come. Possibilities. Opportunities. A new creative mess! And I drool over the various colors and patterns that float through my Instagram feed or my Facebook page. I want to BUY ALL THE THINGS! But, alas, I can’t. I have bills to pay and groceries to buy for my growing boy who eats non-stop!

So when Christa Watson from Christa Quilts informed my mom and I that we had won a drawing for some Kona fabrics in a jellyroll, my day was completely made!!

I mean HELLO!!! Kona: Yes please!!! Robert Kaufman: OH YES! Bright beautiful colors: OH HELP ME, I’VE DIED AND GONE TO QUILTING HEAVEN!!!

At first, I was just happy to have something new to look at and play with. I had no real idea of what I wanted to do it the jellyroll but I knew an idea would come to me.

So I just snapped a few picture, fondled the fabric for a bit, then stashed it away to take out when I was good and ready to start working with it.

Just a few weeks later, long after I took these pictures and had put my fabric away, I signed up to receive updates for Christa’s website and read that by doing so, I’d receive a free pattern.

Well then, I thought to myself, it must be a sign. I happen to have a jellyroll (1 of the 2 I’d need) and I’ve been debating starting a new project. So I signed up,confirmed my email address, and BOOM! There in my email inbox was the free puzzle box pattern as promised.

Now I KNOW what I’m going to do with these lovely colors. I’ll buy another roll and use the pattern included with my subscript to make a beautiful, colorful, vibrant quilt!

I mean who could say no to this delicious fabric!

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.03.24 PM

I’ve already read through this pattern and I was happy to see it’s written in a way that speaks to my learning abilities. There are clear and written precise directions, simple pictures that are easy to understand, and there are tips along the way. There is even a suggestion as to how to quilt this project!

I’m super excited to start working on this quilt top. I have a few WIPs I need to wrap up but, come on, what’s one more project!! Especially one that will challenge me but won’t wear me down with too many new techniques. It’s just challenging enough to make me learn something new or practice in areas I need improvement but won’t deter me from finishing it!

Definitely check back as I share my progress. Don’t forget to check out Christa’s fabric shop on Amazon, The Precut Store, where you can find beautiful jellyrolls like the one shown here!

Full disclosure, this post was not required of me to write. Hell, Christa doesn’t even know I’m doing this. I’ve written this post all on my own and for a good reason: Christa is one of the most supportive and enthusiastic voices for quilters and crafters, from beginners to professionals. She works hard to put out her own professional products and to promote her store and book but she does it all while lifting others up and encouraging us all to do what we love and what makes us happy.

I’ve come to know Christa through the honest craft roomies periscope hops and since that all began, she’s been nothing but supportive of our endeavors here at Hobbies Up To Here. So I wanted to take a quick moment and give her a shout out. To lift her up and support her in all she does.

Now in the quilting community, she’s an author and a teacher and an all around beautiful quilting Jedi while I’m just a padawan still learning the ways of the Quilt Force but, as a thank you and to show my support in return, I write this post with no strings attached and with no motives other than to point you in her direction. She’s great! I promise! She’s relatable, caring, energetic, and beyond encouraging so make sure to stop by her site or her Facebook and Instagram to say hello!

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A Bigger Stash You Say

Hand painted bundle from a fave quilting shop nearby

Yes, I’ve been shopping again. What can I say? I’m a beginner and in need of a bigger stash!

But don’t fret, this is my gift to myself for finishing my two long overdue quilts. And I got a decent refund this year so I had a little play money.

So I hit up my local quilt shop and picked up the above hand painted bundle. Of course, it’s green and blue, my favorite color combo. I like the earthy and sea colors. It’s calming and someday I’d like to have a quilt of my very own.

Also picked up a few eBay auctions. Oddly the last set was more brown and black and tan. This I went with golds and yellows.


Changing it up with some yellow

Thought the patterns in this set were fun!


A beautiful mixture of golds

These I felt were more conservative but still very nice.


A soft set of grays

Now this is more my style for myself. Subtle, soft, light.


Some fat quarters I bought in the $1 bin

And of course I’m rarely able to pass up a good deal. $1? Yes please!!

A set of 100 samplers

And here is my first set of sampler squares. What I’ll do with it, I have no clue. We shall see.

Overall it was a new haul and I was happy to file it away in my nice little quilting shelf.

Now there is the question of What’s In That Box that’s been hanging out in my closet since I moved here, but that’s fodder for another stash post.

Beginning of a Stash




All the things one thinks about when building a stash.

I’m a novice quilter. I’ve only been at it some 5 odd years.

But in that time I’d started and stopped projects. I’ve tried new things and quickly lost interested. I’ve birthed a child and ended or started a relationship in between.

So my stash has been sorely neglected.

What is a stash? Well, it’s like pirate booty. A storage of material waiting to be used.

Since learning about charm packs, jelly roles, honey buns and layer cakes, I’ve started collecting them. There are so many different sets and I can see a use for them all. It’s nice to know, too, that the stress of cutting is taken care of.

I’m a horrible cutter. Couldn’t cut a straight line to save my life.

With these pre-cut kits, the hardest part is done for me. So I just start laying out my pieces and stitch them together and VOILA!

A quilt is born.