Short On The Borders

At the beginning of this year, my mom and I agreed that 2017 should be the year of finishes. We had enough projects going to last us a lifetime and we needed to get some of that work done!

Well I’ve sorta lived up to my word. I did finish my husband’s quilt not too long ago and he now sleeps wrapped up in it on warmed nights.

My son’s quilt still languishes due to having run out of his border colors. I’ll need to finally bite the bullet and just purchase more so I can get that one done, too!

But last summer I started a quilt with this adorable flannel fabric I found at JoAnns. Originally, I got it for a friend’s baby boy but he has since grown beyond such a young pattern. Then I was blessed with two nephews, one whose room is adorably grey and light colored, similar to this fabric. Plus, he’s got an animal theme going so it’s perfect for him.

Well, this project has made it’s way out of my drawers and I’ve finished the top. It’s small and simple, just right for a little guy who needs some extra snuggles on chilly fall nights.

It’s adorable and fuzzy soft. I’m considering some minky for the backing to make it even softer.

But I have a small conundrum. There is a border the lines only two sides of this top. It is the slimmer pieces that surround the larger squares. I’m all out of fabric from this kit (except for some random end pieces) so I have a few paths I can take to even this out.

  1. I could just leave it be with that slim border only on two sides.
  2. Or I could remove both sides and leave the outer edge border free.
  3. Or, and this one is probably the most work, I could trim down the borders and then attach it to the barren sides. But my cutting and measuring would have to be pretty precise if I don’t want to screw it up.

So, quilters, what should I do?? Should I go with plan 1, 2, or 3? Or maybe there is another plan I haven’t considered. I do have to get fabric for Jake’s superhero quilt so I could just see if JoAnns has any more of this kit lying around. This would mean I have 4 options!

Decisions, decisions!!!

Hobbies Up To Here: Episode #4

Welcome back crafters!

Thanks for listening and returning to our blog to see what’s shaking!

Here is today’s podcast, Episode #4.



It was a pretty emotional episode as my mom surprised me completely! I had no clue she was hiding a new sewing machine for me. I’m so grateful and honored to have a new machine to learn on!

Keep an eye out for a future blog post looking at my new baby and what I hope to do with it. I can’t wait to set up my first visit to the machine shop to learn about all the bells and whistles.



Isn’t she beautiful!?!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Whether your babies came from you, were adopted, or are four legged fur babies, we wish you a wonderful day relaxing and celebrating with your family.

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Quilter’s Questions: In A Bind

I’m not sure what it is but I’m awful at binding!

I’ve had success before but lately my binding is getting worse and worse.

This project was the real kicker for me. It pointed out how poorly I was doing and how much I still had to learn.

When I started quilting I didn’t realize all the steps that went into completing a quilt. I just thought you played with color and patterns. I didn’t realize so much went into it.

This has been my go to video and has worked for me for some time. But it’s still not really feeling comfortable. Maybe I just need practice. But I’m curious to find out if there are other ways to bind a quilt that might be easier .

So I’m on the hunt! I’m looking for different ways to bind a quilt. Here is another tutorial I found using a different method to make the binding. Instead of folding the binding strip in half, you fold and press the two edges into the center. I’ll have to try this one soon.

On Pinterest, I found another way. It’s considered a cheater binding but I’m all for finding  simple way to do something if I can 🙂 I don’t consider it cheating.

My quilter’s question is: What is your favorite way to bind a quilt? Do you stick to what is the usual way to bind or do you have a method that is a little different?

I’m open to suggestions although I realize that most of my problem is just that I need to practice.