Stash Building: Dori Discovers eBay!

eBay is a magical place. You can buy anything from memorabilia to cheap electronics. It’s an odd place with a lot going on at all times from bidding to straight buying.

Years ago I discovered eBay as a great place to build my stash. For a decent price, I could buy and collect fabric sets. Fat quarters, pre-cuts, full yards. You name it, they have it. I’ve yet to use much of that fabric but it’s there for me to play with.

Not long after starting our little blog here, I told my mom about eBay and even showed her a little of my stash I had built when I had that nice disposable income. She oohed and aahhed over my pretty fabrics.

Recently, I found out that she had finally took some time to shop eBay and bought a few things herself. And boy did she shop! The joke at my parents’ house is that my dad needn’t check the mail any more because the majority of it is all for my mom!

She picked up two Robert Kaufman towers of fat quarters.

There was also a tower of fat quarters by Riley Blake Designs. I totally see a baby girl quilt in this set!

To go with the fat quarters, she also picked up some pre-cut 5×5 squares of the same patterns. Such cute little monkeys!

Oddly, as she was showing me her last bit of her fabric haul, I felt like I recognized the fabric.

That was when I looked at the salvage edge and saw that it was a Judie Rothermel set for  Marcus Fabrics, a fabric designer I have a WHOLE box of fat quarters from. Without knowing it, she had picked up fabric from the same designer as I had, just in different patterns and colors.

What can I say! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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Meal Prep Monday: Grocery Shopping

Happy Monday crafters and hobbyists!

I’m sitting quietly in my living room trying to cool off without turning on the air conditioner. Wow! Summer weather has come in out of nowhere and we’re trying to save money where we can so the air conditioner is staying off as long as we can stand it!

This week I thought I’d share with you my shopping challenge I posed to myself instead of posting a recipe.

We are a family of three trying to eat healthy and at home as much as possible. But for a while now I’ve been pretty lazy bout my shopping. I don’t look at prices and I cook a lot but some of it tends to get wasted. Now that our income has changed and I only get paid through June, I’ve had to really look close at our spending to see where I can budget better (or at all).

So today I set a goal for myself. I wanted to see how little I could send and how much I could get.

First I did some research. I went all over Pinterest looking up blog post after blog post on how to save money while shopping for your family. I landed on these two posts that did the most for me because they were both reasonable and aimed at getting that healthy food into the home: Money Saving Mom and Daily Dose of Del Signore.

There are a lot of posts out there sharing how to shop for less than $50 a week and I just didn’t find those helpful as meat alone costs $5o if we are making lunch and dinner with a main protein component for 3 people. So I made myself a goal to spend no more than that on meat.

A few posts agreed that Costco is a great place to shop for your beef/chicken/fish so I headed over there and I made a beeline to the butcher counter. No way would I venture out into the middle where all the cool stuff would suck me in.

I proudly made it out of there with beef, chicken, and turkey plus a 4 lb box of grapes and only pay $58! So far, my grocery shopping challenge was going well. But the next step would be to fill in all the snacks and ingredients I would need to get my meals made for the week.

I hit up my Albertsons and found they had a lot of staples on sale. I made my way through my store with a calculator tab running on my phone to keep myself aware of how much I was spending. It allowed me to ask myself “Do I really need this?” If I found I did need it I would find a way to work it into my basket and my budget.

In the end I spent $89 on my groceries and staples! This was a huge change in the way I shopped. And a lot of what I bought can be stretched for two weeks or more. The next time I’m at the store I’ll not need to pick up anything but the small things to replace like fresh fruit and snacks.

With our income changes and me being home this summer, I have to think a little more about what I’m spending our money on. So far I’m pleased with how I’ve started. Now to keep it up and make it work for us. Hopefully I’ll have recipes to post next week showing how far I’ve stretched our dollar!

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