Hobbies Up To Here Episode #8

Crafters, we’re back!! And we’ve got another episode of Hobbies Up To Here!


This week we talk about FITNESS!!

Both of us have agreed that we want to be healthier! The plan is to be accountable to ourselves but also to check in with each other and discuss any ups or downs that come along with a change in lifestyle.

We also talk about some other hobbies we have like my love for makeup and Dori’s passion for photography. Below are some photos she took as a gig photographer.

The Silent Comedy at the Viper Room Pictured: Timothy Graves, Joshua Zimmerman, Jeremiah Zimmerman Full res

The Silent Comedy at the Viper Room
Pictured: Timothy Graves, Joshua Zimmerman, Jeremiah Zimmerman

Dave4msm copy

Dave Plesh of Run Devil Run at the Roxy ’11


David Rosales of Silent Treatment at the House of Blues in Anaheim


Jake playing soccer!


Dellacoma Rio of Australia’s Sunset Riot

NikkiSharpened copy

Jackie Joyride, Nikki Sixx, Jeremy Aric and Dave Plesh at the Viper Room Media Lounge during the Sunset Strip Music Festival in 2010


John Baumgartner of Xyzyx at the Roxy

The Count of Monte Cristo 87 copy

The Count of Monte Cristo performance at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton

IMG_4690_4631a copyWM

Promo shoot with David Rosales 4-8-15


Even though we discuss our other hobbies in this episode, we do have a finished project to share! My table runner is done! And was gifted this weekend to my in-laws. You can check out the post from Friday here.

My mom took these pictures for me to showcase her photography.

4thQuilt_1 4thQuilt_2 4thQuilt_3 4thQuilt_4 4thQuilt_6 4thQuilt

Hope you enjoyed listening!

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Hobbies Up To Here

TGIFF: Go Star Destroyers!

Last weekend was our opening ceremonies for my son’s soccer season. We’re lucky, he’s got the same coach as he had his first season playing so we know it’ll be a good experience. He’s really gifted with the coaching.

This year I’ve signed up to be the co-team mom. A part of my job was to help build the team banner. We had to have it all done by September 6th so that we could parade it on opening day and enter it to be judged. I got lucky and my partner in crime was my perfect match. We worked really well together and made a great little banner that we’re both proud of!

Together we picked a design then delegated out the jobs. She set to cutting all the small items like the flaming soccer balls and stars.


I worked on sewing together the banner background. It’s the same material I used on my Peaceful Planet quilt. She saw it when during a visit to my place and instantly thought that would make a GREAT background. I did a simple zig zag stitch around the edge to make the pocket where the frame would slide into.


After a week of working separately, we came together at practice one night and decided on the layout. Once we had in mind what we wanted, we set to tacky gluing down all the bits and pieces. We got lucky, the day wasn’t very windy so we didn’t have to race against the weather to get everything laid out.IMG_5142.JPG

After practice, I took it home to do all the writing. Using puffy paint (Yay puffy paint!!) I wrote the coaches names and all the players numbers. My only disappointment here was that the numbers don’t stand out very clearly against the soccer balls. They are done in red but my lines weren’t thick enough. Had I thought about it, I would have drawn or traced some block numbers to make them a little thicker. I also added some sparkle to the flames.


At the next practice I brought the banner with me and we worked together to position the lettering for the team name. To balance it out, we framed the name with two soccer balls. Also, because lining things up would have taken more time than we had, we decided to scatter the letter in different directions. I think this worked out perfectly! With the wonky spacing and organization of the letters, you can’t tell if one is too high or too low. Instead it looks planned and kinda cooky! We liked it!

 photo 9901f2a7-733b-485a-a107-b82c8f4f38e9_zps5e8a5161.jpg

Opening day came and we were pretty proud to parade our banner out there in front of all the other coaches, players, and parents. Our parents couldn’t say enough nice things about the outcome. I think everyone was happily impressed with the overall look and feel. It was handmade but not messy and it came together so easily for us. Working together was awesome and definitely made the whole process easier and super enjoyable.

And, if my information is correct, we may have come in second place!!! We don’t have a confirmation on that yet but I should know by tomorrow after our first game!

Go Star Destroyers!!!

And while this isn’t a crafty finish or a physically tangible finish, today is my last day of work at my job. Seven years ago I took on a position at my family business to support my son and to help out my dad. This summer I made the decision to look into teaching in my district even though I hadn’t been in a classroom these past seven years.

Low and behold, I was offered a position and I start September 22nd. I’m excited, nervous, anxious and a little sad to see the end of my job with my family. Not everyone gets the chance to see their dad, siblings, a few uncles, and some cousins everyday, Monday through Friday. The notion that I won’t get to say good morning to my dad is heartbreaking but I’m so excited to teach again.

So today I finished my time at Nowell Steel to move on to bigger dreams.

Crazy Mom Quilts

Monday Musings: Team Mom Duties!

My son is a very active kid. He needs something to do or he drives us nutty. We’ve been very fortunate that not only does he LOVE soccer but he’s also very good at it. So, every season we sign him up if he’s interested (and he always is).


Fall 2012


This year is no different. We tried baseball in Spring and that was a no-go. Too slow and just not a sport he was strong in. But we finished out the season and celebrated together with all the players. He had a good time even if it turned out not to be a sport he was interested in.

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Now in Fall, we are signed up for soccer. YAY SOCCER! We’re big soccer fans. My husband and I both played as kids and I even coached a season. As an adult I played in college on a woman’s team. Soccer is in our blood.

The only difference this year is that I’ve signed up as a co-team mom. Oi vey…

Ok so it was totally my choice. I saw an email come through asking for help. Without a team parent at the first meeting, we wouldn’t be able to pick up our uniforms. So I signed up. Luckily, for me, another mom had done the same thing so I’m going at this alone.

Once I got past the shock that I had gone and tied myself up with duties for the team when I already feel overwhelmed with work and home stuff and being a mom/wife full time, I got down to planning things out and getting myself ready to be the face and the voice of my parents and players.

Then came the meet-up with my partner in crime. I was nervous, as would anyone be meeting a new person the first time. But I was doubly nervous because I knew we’d need to work together so I could only hope that the other team mom and I would get along. And we did!!! We hit it right off when we both noted we wanted to hand make the banner (YEHAW!) and when she arrived at my house, we both worked together really well. It was a better meeting than I could have imagined. I have a feeling this season will go smoothly with both of us co-piloting this whole endeavor!

Now for the team banner. This year our region is asking for handmade banner as opposed to the vinyl banners that have been populating our fields. Nothing wrong with them, honestly. They can look really cool. But it costs a good penny for a team to get a banner made (between $85-$100). So they are pricey. Plus, this year our directors have planned a whole opening day with a banner parade and games and food, like a big field day. So the new request is for more authentic handmade banners.

Guess what? I just happen to be handy with a machine and hot glue!!! YAY FOR CRAFTINESS!!!

While my initial reaction was “What have I done?!?!” to signing up, I’m now starting to look forward to it!

Alright, today is a big day. I mentioned on my little tote bag post that I’ve applied to return to teaching as a substitute after working for 7 years in the office of my family business. After filling in TONS of paperwork, getting a TB test and the results, tracking down forms and fingerprint scans, I turned in my applications. Then I waited… And waited. I took over 4 weeks to hear anything back. But as of last week, I received an invite to come in for an interview. Crossing fingers I do well (I think I am better in person than on paper).

Honestly, I can’t say how I’m feeling about all this. Leaving my job to start teaching again has been a dream for years. But now that the option is here, I’m terrified. For now I’m taking it a moment at a time and dealing with the feelings that come with all the change.

I’ve got a few projects in the works right now. I did a Friday Night Sew-In last week and made some big progress on my Peaceful Planet quilt. I’ve unearthed a lot of UFOs/WIPs that I can work through! So I’m not hurting for something to do!

Happy Monday all! Come on back through the week and see what I’ve got cooking’ up. See you all around the web this week!

Weekend Update: Mama’s Day!

I’m a day behind on my weekend update. But it’s for a good reason. It”s because I was a zombie yesterday.


So tired was I that by 8:45pm last night I had passed out fallen asleep and didn’t officially wake until 6:15am. I had a few awake moments throughout the night but overall I slept like the dead.

The weekend was quite big and the main cause for my exhaustion. From Saturday till late Sunday night it was go, go, GO! So let’s begin at the beginning.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of exposing Jake to his first symphony and ballet performance, Sleeping Beauty! Near us there is a concert hall that has family theater performance where the plays are condensed down to 45 minutes and written with kids 5-11 years old in mind.

At first, I was concerned that Jake would be too much of a boy (the dirt and bugs kind) to sit and watch a ballet. But I was convinced that with the instruments playing behind the dancers, his interests would be piqued. And I was RIGHT!

The ballet was phenomenal and the orchestra performed beautifully. It was probably one of my favorite mommy/son events to date. Jake loved it and loved the characters and the story telling. He even liked the ballet! I teared up over the music. Hearing the tunes of my favorite Disney animated movie performed live was a special moment for me. I’ve always loved Aurora and her story. And Tchaikovsky’s music is just so breathtaking. Sigh…

I left walking on air, wanting to tip toe around like a ballet dancer. Jake wanted to come back to see a future performance involving the symphony and space! I had a hard time explaining to him that it won’t be for months till that performance is available but I did promise him we would put it on our calendar and come back for other performances.

I spent the rest of Saturday visiting with family, making time to run with my sister and her boyfriend and sewing. My gifts for Mother’s Day were little mug rugs I made using my Moda Java fat quarters. Pictures to come, I promise. I made four of them and got to the point I could complete one in the time span of one movie, roughly about 2 hours.

They weren’t perfect but I loved each of them. They came out so darling!

Sunday rolled around and my day would prove to be bittersweet. In the morning I spent my time finishing up the mug rugs I had left. Then we dressed and headed out for brunch with The Guy’s family. His mom loved the mug rug I made and the sweet treat of biscottis to go with it. It was a beautiful morning with lots of people I love. And a great way to start my day except that my son seemed to have woke up bitten by the bug of mischief.


In the middle of our Mother’s Day celebrations we had a soccer game. It was Jake’s last spring season game and we all headed out to support him. Sadly, Jake’s coach didn’t show up and we were short on players. So I stepped up to coach the game and we borrowed a player or two from the other games.

The game was rolling along fine when a parent from the other team wasn’t happy. Long story short, in the middle of the game from the center of the field, I had a verbal altercation with this parent. I was both upset and sad that what could have been a nice little 5 year old no scoring, just for fun game was turned into a messy argument.

And I’m not one for confrontation so it took me all I had not to fall apart and cry. Well ok, I did cry, I just wait for our break time when I could turn away. But after the game my sister had to drive me home as I couldn’t get it together. I was visibly shaken and bothered. And I knew then, after such a disappointing season, that the signs were clear: we’re not meant to be in this league right now. Not while Jake is so little. Maybe when he’s older.

The day finished with a wonderful seafood dinner with my family and more loved ones. My grandmothers loved their mug rugs and gifts of flavored coffee. My mom loved her’s, too. I felt that they were a all huge success!

My Mother's Day Gift from Jake

On our way home from dinner, sitting in the dark backseat of my sister’s Civic, Jake grabbed my arm and hugged it tightly. Then, in the blinding darkness, he began to sing along with the song on the radio. I saw my sister’s eyes catch mine in the rearview mirror, slightly misting as she listened to his sweet little voice cut through the melody.

None of us in the car could help it. We all smiled at the pure and sweet tone of his little voice. The one by one we each joined in and sang together the whole way home…