Oh Look, SHINY!! Episode #65

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

We’ve loved every episode and sharing it with all of our wonderful listeners. Thanks for hanging in there with us through sickness and health, till death do us part!


While I’ve been battling every illness known to man (exaggerate, much?) my mom has been cuddling up with the newest family member. I’m jealous!

Even Jake got in on the action! Thank goodness for FaceTime so I could at least see him hold his baby cousin for the first time.

While we may not be breaking any records in quilting, Dori has definitely been busy working on a few projects like a nursing cover for my sister.

Thanks for modeling for us, Dad.

Even though I may have been down and out with no voice, the hubs and I got some MAJOR spring cleaning done around our place. That included hanging his Star Wars pictures and finally building his new furniture.

Doesn’t it look so nice?

And when we were done with that, sat down and unboxed our first Loot Crate box.

We’ve got a lot of boxes to share with our viewers so definitely keep an eye on our YouTube channel for upcoming new videos!

We also did an update on some of our fitness goals and we shared some of our activities we’re adding into our healthy lifestyle.

Dori is really enjoying this new walking video to include some exercise that’s a good fit for her.

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