Third Quilt: Pooh Bear Baby Quilt

Mitered corners came out ok.

On Thursday, I was sitting around my room, bumming that it was so cold and lonely in there by myself. My son was asleep and my sweetheart was home. It was just me, keeping warm in my big bed all by myself.

Looking across the room I realized that if I felt up to it, my Pooh Bear Baby Quilt was calling for me to finish it. But finishing it would mean I’d have to get up and I’d have to walk over there and work. After some thinking and lazing around, I finally got up and walked the short distance to my machine.

Once I was there, I flew. In just under two hours I cut, pressed, bound and finished this quilt. In two hours I wrapped up this 6 year project.


I did things a little differently and I’m not sure if I like it. When I placed the pressers foot down, I realized that my binding was the same width as my foot. So if if sewed with my foot pressed right up against the edge of the binding, I would better be able to keep a straight line!

Will consider moving my needle over next time.

As you can see, that means the stitching ended up in the middle of the binding leaving a little “ruffle”. Now, this is a baby quilt so the “ruffle” doesn’t look bad. But, next quilt I may move my needle over so that it will hopefully run right against the edge and leave a cleaner seam.

Not as good as the last one

My front corners came out ok but the back corners didn’t come out as clean. As you can see, the seam veers off, missing the binding a bit and ending up on the back of the quilt. And, if I wasn’t careful, the seams wouldn’t match up when I met at the corner in the front. I learned lots about my binding abilities from this one and I hopefully will have a cleaner technique on the next.

Top side

Over all, it’s cute. Still needs to be washed and pressed so that it’s presentable. But I’ve come away with some new techniques and some new tips for myself. First of all, pin it down or baste the layers together. I had a lot of waves roll through the layers and it’s not a smooth as I’d like it to be. I’m lazy when it comes to pinning but I think I’m going to need to get over that and start pinning my layers together before I quilt. Also, play with the tension before hand. This machine is old and I never learned how to properly use it so I doubt my tension is always correct. Also, use the needle positioning tab and move it around. Feel it out and play with it, see how it looks when it’s to the right or the left of center. In general, get to know my machine more.