Crafty Gooooodness Shopping Spree!

Oh dear…with my 37th anniversary coming up tomorrow, my hubby’s birthday on the 13th and Valentine’s Day on the 14th, I thought it would be nice to hand make cards for each celebration.  The supplies I have on hand are wonderful for Christmas cards, but wouldn’t suit any of the other celebrations.  So it was off to Michael’s to “grab a few things” I had on a list I made from searching Pinterest and watching YouTube vids over breakfast.

Sheesh, I think I owe Tim Holtz my firstborn.  (Sorry Kate!) Going to one Michael’s wasn’t enough…I hit TWO!  I’m finally home and have spread out my booty…..

Uh, yeah.

Now to create a card for tomorrow.  This is gonna be FUN!!!  Whether I use my new stamp sets, my Sizzix die cuts with my Big Shot or pre-made stickers and embellishments, I know he’ll appreciate whatever it is that I present to him.

Oh!  Don’t forget to check out our QuiltCon post too.  Just push PLAY!  Or rather, click on this link lol!

Have a great evening, and I’d love to hear about your adventures in card making!




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