Let The Unquilting Begin!

About two years ago, my parents bought me a great batik kit of fabrics and a pattern called The Friendship Quilt. The stack was large and the colors were very rustic and beautiful.

By November of 2015, I had finished the top and promised it to my husband. He was thrilled to have a quilt of his own.

After getting everything put together, I started quilting a wood grain pattern. But this proved to be a problem for a few reasons.

First, I’m still new at quilting. And a wood grain pattern is not necessarily easy. I definitely bit off a little more than I could chew. Without enough practice before starting, I found myself frustrated each time I sat down to work on the quilt. Instead of enjoying quilting, I was dreading it. So this quilt has been sitting for sometime.

But I have to say, even for a beginner, I feel like my wood grain quilting isn’t half bad.

Secondly, I didn’t plan it out very well. I know, I know. If you’ve read our posts or listened to our podcast long enough, this doesn’t surprise anyone. I’m not a pattern follower and I’m not a big planner. When I started this quilt, I was quilting to the edge of the top. But my plan was to roll the backing to the front to create binding instead of attaching the binding separately. With the quilting running right to the edge, I’ve now complicated the binding more than was really necessary.

And lastly, this is a HUGE quilt. A full queen sized quilt. So the wood grain pattern is a bit much and on top of that, quilting it is taking such a long time due to its size. So not only am I annoyed with the process of laying down my stitches but I’m also tired of feeling like I’m not getting anywhere no matter how much I sew.

Over the weekend while we were living it up on Lake Mead, I had a moment of clarity about this quilt. While I could continue with the wood grain pattern and fight through the frustration, I could **GASP** start over.

Yes, it hit me that I could simply rip out the quilting and start over with a simpler pattern. The idea of undoing all that I have already done is heartbreaking but once I really let it settle in, I started to feel a sudden sense of relief. Now I’ll be able to plan out my quilting a little better so that when it comes time to bind, I’ll have more success and less frustration.

So hobbyists, today begins the undoing of the Friendship quilt. While it’s an sad end, it’s also a huge beginning. The beginning of something simpler yet more manageable. And I’m looking forward to it!

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