Best of 2016 Link Up Party

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close. For some, it’s a relief. It’s been a tough year for many and we’re all glad to see it end. At the same time, many have had great years with lots of good news.

Ether way, the year is almost over and that means it is time to share the BEST of 2016!

Meadow Mist Designs is again hosting this Link Up and will be opening for links on Dec. 26th. We’ll choose the best posts from 2016. Everything from most comments, highest amount of likes, most views, even favorite finishes!

There are no rules except to look back and congratulate yourself on a year well done!

We participated in this link up last year with our Best of 2015 post. We listed the posts from 2015 that hit some high points and this year we’ll do the same. I can’t WAIT to see what 2016 was like for us in terms of this blog and our little podcast!

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Top 5 Hobbies Up To Here Posts of 2015

This year has been amazing. My little blog went from just being about my sewing exploits to a much bigger, wider net that also included my mom. She joined me on this journey in May and having her as my companion on this new road has been a blessing I don’t think either of us knew we needed. We’ve both grown SO MUCH and I’m lucky to have her as a friend and a mom to learn with!

As a celebration of this year together I’m sharing our top 5 posts from this year. I’ll link the posts and share some pictures. Then I want you to visit Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs for her 2015 Best Of linky party. There will be a plethora of wonderful posts shared highlighting the best of the best this year from around the crafty web!

Looking over our stats this year, we’ve had a lot of great posts. But five of them really stand out. I looked at a number of different stats like number of views, most comments, and best month. After looking through everything that was posted this year, here are our Top 5 Posts for 2015.

#5 Post With The Most Comments

WIP: Sewing Together Wonky Blocks

This post came in with a total of 17 comments this year! My son started showing interest in sewing last year when I started working on some bigger projects using my old Kenmore. I let him into the craft room and let him sew some simple lines. That was last year.

This year he not only finished sewing them into pairs, he designed a diamond shaped block he is pretty proud of. And I’m proud of him too! This week we picked out some batting for him so he’s ready to start the quilting process and finish his first block!


#4 Post With The Most Likes

Stir Fry Chicken and Veggies

Chicken stir fry must be a fave with this post hitting a total of 11 likes! And it happens to be a favorite here in our house! Cooking is definitely one of my biggest hobbies because, well, we need to eat but also because I find it so creative. To throw together ingredients and make something that your family loves is something I enjoy doing.


#3 Highest Viewed Podcast Post

Hobbies Up To Here Episode #21

We love to podcast! And we love to podcast on a day when we have finished (or mostly finished) quilts. On this day in November we shared our most recent finished tops and for the month of November it brought in over 389 views!! GO US!


#2 Most Shared Page or Post

The Details

The page or post that was shared the most this year was our details page telling you a little more about us. Go figure! It just be our beautiful faces that made it so popular!


#1 Highest Viewed Post of 2015

The Music Quilt

The music quilt takes the top spot for one of our most viewed posts with 451 views overall. Our Christmas finished post came in second with 433 views over all.


This was a beautiful finished quilt my mom gifted to my brother for his 30th birthday this year. It came out great and really got her engines revved to keep going and to try new things!

We’ve had an amazing year. And we’re looking forward to 2016! There are baby quilts to be made for future babies to be born. QuiltCon will be here before we know it and we can’t WAIT to meet someone our quilty friends we’ve met along the way this year. Not to mention a wedding or two and lots of podcasting to do!