WIP: Sew Along Table Runner

We love Halloween! So this past weekend we decided to start a Halloween craft together!

Using our Haunted Mansion charm pack by Moda, we planned it out together! You can check out our post here to see our layout and applique plans.

I had a good start this weekend due to some free time. Plus I knew that if I didn’t get a jump on it, my week would fill up fast with work. While my mom and I were able to work together a bit on our runners, we spent most of our time apart working separately.

This is my mom’s layout as she had it on her design wall. Pretty cute thus far! 

Later on she sent me a picture of her finished top! How quickly she worked!

Great job, mom! Our next step will begin this weekend when we design and layout our appliqué pumpkins!

Now for my runner….with a story.

My runner top was completed yesterday. I put a lot of the work in earlier in the week due to my hectic schedule of work and mom duties. I really wanted my runner to come out well so I took the time to square things up, press my seams open, and spray the snot out of it with fabric starch. It was looking great and I was super pleased with my finished product.

Then my son happened…

I told him to grab my runner so we could snap some shots for the blog today. He happily ran upstairs to get the runner and model like the goofball he is.

Then this happened.

Poor guy is prone to nose bleeds. He has them at night, in the morning, at school, while walking, talking, hell even when swimming. You name it, he’ll bleed.

While he was holding my runner, all perfectly pressed and immaculate, he suddenly exclaimed, “MOM! Bloody nose!” Of course this would happen right at the moment I have him hold my project I worked so hard on! Gah!!!

Lucky for me I have some Oxiclean handy for his nosebleeds.

I sprayed this stuff on all the spots and worked quickly to scratch out the blood spots on the runner. Oddly, it didn’t make a HUGE mess, it just happened to have dripped ALL THE WAY DOWN. Just a drop every couple of blocks down the whole way.


It’s now drying out on our patio. I just had to laugh. It’s been a rough week. We’ve had plumbing issues and I’ve had to deal with tension at work so my sewing was one of my joys that helped me get away from the bad things happening. So for it to get dirty with blood was just comical, in a Murphy’s Law kinda way.

I’m still proud of my work. It looks great and I’m ready to start the road to appliquéing my pumpkin on!

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Just Starting: Playful Colors Quilt

For a while there I was knee deep in things I could work on. I had a quilt on hand, one I was planning for my son and other little projects all floating around my head. Then I remembered a stack of sewn rows I found in a box not too long ago and got really excited. They were colorful and interesting so I planned to work on them after I finished my Peaceful Planet quilt.

Now with that blanket done I dove right in and started to work on the second charm pack called Lollipop by Sandy Gervais. I love this pack because it is so bright and playful. So I decided to dub this quilt the Playful Colors Quilt.


My first set of rows are kind of a miss-mash of colors and combinations. I don’t think I had much of a plan to it so I went at this one with the same thought. Just play with it! Pull together colors and patterns that catch my eye and go for it!


There are really so many ways to go about this so as I got going, I made up a few rules. Only one solid square can be in a row. No red and greens together (too Christmasy). Each row has four different squares, no repeats!

It wasn’t 100% easy as I ran into a few glitches at the end but nothing my handy dandy seam ripper couldn’t handle. When I backed myself into a corner I just took another square from a different row to mix it up. And in the end, I felt good about how they all came out.


The second set of rows is finished but not yet pressed so I put them aside and decided to iron another day. While that was on hold, I pulled up the original rows and started pinning them together to make a double row. After my last quilt and all the issues I ran into in the end, I spoke with my mom about it and she gave me a tip to keep my pressed seams open while I sewed things together.

You see, I just learned to press them open and to distribute the bulk of fabric at the seams a little more evenly. But what I couldn’t get to work was sewing those seams down without one side flipping up as it passed over my machine’s feed dogs. Annoying! Every time I tried, the bottom seam would flip up and then I’d have a messy side.

She told me to simply take a pin and put it through the top and bottom front flap on the seam to hold them down as I sewed them together so that way the bottom on won’t catch on the machine and flip. Simple and effective!

Now all my seams are still flat and the bulk of all that material is still evenly spread out at each crossing point. Yeehaw!!!

Next, I press!! And plan! I have a total of 19 four square rows. 8 rows have already been sewn together giving me 4 double wide rows. I’ve got an odd number of rows so one will be put aside. I could put a simple border around each row wide set then a thicker border down the middle. Or I could cut each row in half and make smaller squares. WHO KNOWS?! We’ll just have to see what comes next!

 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpgSew Fresh Quilts