{VIDEO} DIY Fall Crafts!

When we say we have hobbies up to here, we mean it! Along with cooking and sewing and quilting, I also love to create home decor. Using items I have around the house or things I find at craft stores and dollar stores, I’ve created different items to be used around the house.

This fall I put together some vases with leaves and gourds that really added a nice touch to our home. Below is my video on how to make your own.

Then I had some silk ribbon and I ended up creating bows that could either be used in a wreath or some door decor or as little ribbon pumpkins. They were simple to put together and came out super cute!

And while we’ve had some successes, we’ve also had some not-so-successful attempts to create some fall decorations. Mod Podge didn’t seem to be our forte but we tried!

Hope you enjoyed some of our Fall crafts and that it inspired you to try something crafty!

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WIP: The Friendship Quilt

Not too long ago, my parents gifted me this kit called the Friendship Quilt with a set of beautiful batik fat quarters. It’s got a very earthy toned look to it all and I simply loved the basic pattern that came with it.

You can check out all my pictures of the fabrics in my first post here.

IMG_7557In the time since that first post and our last podcast, I’ve made some MAJOR progress on this quilt. It started out with just making the cuts and organizing the whole thing. Now I’ve made it through piecing everything together and sewing my first rows. I’m 3 down, 2 to go!

I decided to chronicle this post with a few vlogs on our YouTube channel starting with the whole process of deciding how to pair my fabrics. I was torn between allowing the pairings to be randomized OR putting some thought into it and going about piecing my blocks systematically.

Actually seeing my own video helped me to decide the best possible route and I went with a systematic approach to making my blocks. While I started out with a bang and felt very confident in my progress, I suddenly found myself in a corner with the colors I had left to pair. Ugh…

In the end, it all worked out and now I have three beautiful rows. I have two more to finish and then the border to piece together.

I’m loving how fast this top is coming together AND how big these blocks are ending up. I feel like I’m doing half the way but getting double the quilt top due to the size of these massive blocks.

I’m looking forward to finishing this one and seeing it all together. I love 95% of this quilt and the other 5% are all those browns. Just not in love with them though they do serve a purpose.
 photo wip_zpsbbf761bc.jpg
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